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Maw is hungry, go feed him! 0

Have you seen those Animal Planet shows in witch they show the owner of a snake feeding his little beast with a cute, defenceless mouse? I always say "wtf, that's not fair". Well, "The Maw" is like a marathon session of that on a loop, witch is to say it's pretty awesome.It's seems like ages since I saw a new XBLA release worth my attention, well, since last summer at least. but things have changed for the good, the Maw is here and he's hungry. And while in the first 5 minutes he may seem like a...

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It's an amazing game that is worth your time and money. 0

CoD4 is by far the best shooter on the Xbox 360, and it achieves this high mark by delivering the most amazing action sequences a game of its type has yet to reproduce. Let alone that it's an incredible good looking and well sounding game. It manages to bridge people who just like to shoot things in a video game to people that are looking for an intense and meaningful storyline that makes you feel as your really making a difference out in the battlefield. I think the reason why this is such a ...

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