Vice Fights: We're still playing BlazBlue

We're still at it, you know, twiddling our joysticks, but what would a bunch of anime nerds know about video games!?!
 You totally should show up and ensure that none of us have any self esteem before the evening is out.
 The Details
What: BlazBlue
Where: #AnimeVice (on IRCHighway)
When: 9 PM EST
Also: How does anyone actually use the 360 controller? I mean, I'm sure it just takes getting used to, but I tried the 360 version and felt, umm, very handicapped.

Vice Fights: Come play BlazBlue with us, some more!

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Welcome back! Last week was so fun we've decided to try this "beating each other senseless" thing again. We're still hanging out in the #Animevice channel on Irchighway, as a staging area to our glorious victories and defeats.
Also, if the idea of installing IRC clients scares you, as it does me. Then I would encourage the use of "mibbit." Browser supported and delightfully simple, you are only three to four clicks away from being in the channel right now... and no tell tale signs you ever sullied your computer with the client.
Remember: 9 EST tonight, be there, and keep your hands off the panda.

Vice Fights: Come play BlazBlue with us!

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John from AnimeVice here. A few of us were going to be playing BlazBlue tonight, and thought I'd extend the invitation for anyone over here to join us.

We'll be playing at 9 EST, and will be meeting in the AnimeVice IRC channel to talk trash/lovingly support one another. Hope to see you tonight!

Anime Vice irc info: