What's To Be Done With Dr Jones?

So with the success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens it's very likely that Disney are taking a good hard look at there other Lucasfilm property, specifically it's best IP Indiana Jones (that's right I said it. Indiana Jones >>> Star Wars). Bob Iger the Disney CEO said that a new Indiana movie was in the works a while ago but now that Force Awakens has made all the money it's very likely production has went in to overdrive. But what are some of the problems\questions of a 5th Indiana Jones movie?

  • Is Indiana Jones still relevant?

I'm going to answer this one right off: abso-bloody-lutely! It's true that a big chunk of Star Wars success is down to nostalgia but that's not the only reason. Star Wars is a riff on a universal concept, it's the combination of the always popular soft-Sci Fi of Asimov and Herbert with the epic quests and farm boy\girl turned saviour of the Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones is the same in that it plays on the nostalgia of it's own universal concept. The Indiana movies continue a long tradition of dashing albeit slightly grumpy pulp heroes of the past like Alan Quartermain, Sinbad, James Bond and Sam Spade and combines it with the mystery and romanticization of lost civilizations. And these concepts are still relevant today, it's the reason the Tomb Raider, Uncharted and Assassin's Creed games are still popular. It's the reason the Da Vinci Code movies\books are popular. It's the reason archeologists like Sarah Parcak make it on to Colbert and it's the reason the search of Queen Nefertiti's Tomb is on the news every week.

  • Should Harrison Ford Return?

It's true that Ford pretty much nailed his return as Han Solo but I think this is mostly beacuse (Force Awake Spoilers) he got to have his big farewell scene and a significant end to his character's arc since this is something Ford has been asking for since the Empire Strikes back and I can see the only reason he would reprise is to bid Indy a final farewell. Also let's not forget that both Harrison Ford and Spielberg said they were pretty much done with the franchise after Crystal Skull which was Prequels level bad. But let's say he does want to come back, does it still work? Do you think audiences would accept Old Man Jones running through an ancient ruins filled with traps? Could you imagine the Boulder Scene playing with an over 70's Indiana?

  • Should He Be Recast?

We know that Disney are recasting Han Solo in his spin-off Star Wars movies so that's probably a sign that they aren't completely against doing the same for Indiana Jones but the question is who would play him? Personally I think the two actors with the best chops, personality and looks to pull off Dr Jone are Bradley Cooper and Chris Pratt (I mean Star Lord has essentially become a space Indiana Jones now).

  • Should He Have A Successor?

If Ford doesn't want to come back and Disney thinks recasting him would be too disruptive they could go the Force Awakens route and have a new generation take over. The original idea in Crystal Skull was since Ford would not becoming back then Shia Labeouf would be taken over in future films but let's be honest, NOBODY wants to see Mutt again let alone LaBeouf. So who else could take over? Well Indiana Jones DOES have an unnamed daughter who was originally meant to be the other main character in Crystal Skull before Mutt replaced her but she does appear in the tv show and it is canon, maybe her real name can me Indy or India? And last but not least get bloody Short Round aka Wan Li back! Give me Short Round and the Something or Other!

  • Who Should Direct?

Steven Spielberg has directed every Indiana Jones movie so far and he commented not that long ago that he thinks Harrison Ford should return in the next film. Does he know anything? Is he returning? or is he just stating his opinion? Personally I think they should go the Force Awakens route and get some new voices to direct the movie.

  • What Should The Story Be?

Is it a sequel? A prequel? A reboot? Where will it take place? When will it take place? What will be the magical macguffin that everybody is chasing? As I've said before I want it to be a prequel and tell the story of Indiana Jones and the Lost Horizon beacuse it was always meant to be canon, it was originally the beginning of the Lost Ark and told the story of Indiana Jones and Abner Ravenwood retrieving the Staff of Ra (seen in the film) from a warlord in Tibet.

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