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World War III Funtime! 3

Military-themed movies always seem to have it. Serious-looking square-jawed men stand around command centers staring intently into monitors displaying unrealistically complicated UIs showing off real-time data about the battle at hand, all the while sternly barking orders into their super-sleek headsets. This of course means it happens in real life, right? Eh, maybe not so much. But none of that matters, since Ubisoft decided to let players live out their own Michael Bay commander fantasies with...

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Thrills and Hilarity Ensue... 2

Need for Speed: Most Wanted acts as an injection of freshness that the series needed after the Underground games. Those games, and other franchises, have stretched the tuner scene pretty thin. They also lacked any real police presence, a key feature of earlier series entries and an omission that didn’t do the games any favors. This latest iteration rectifies that mistake and puts a good foot forward for the new generation of consoles.In Most Wanted, you play as a no-name racer in Rockport taking...

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The Best Around (Still) 6

The last and best of the MVP Baseball Series, MVP 2005 represents a spit-shine of the franchise. Due to the Take-Two third-party exclusivity agreement with the MLB, EA’s brand of baseball ends with this installment. It’s a shame really. Growing out of the Triple Play series, MVP has come to represent some of the best in simulation baseball. The main new features for this installment are Owner’s Mode, mini-games, and Hitter’s Eye. Hitter’s Eye is a system to tell what kind of pitch is being throw...

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Simple But Fun 1

There’s something to be said for single-minded purpose in game design. Gauntlet Legends is a perfect example to be used in the argument, no matter on which side you might be. It’s an unapologetic dungeon crawler. You hack. You slash. You level up. It doesn’t aspire to do anything more. It may not do a whole lot but don’t take that to mean it’s not worth playing. It does what little it does do very well and if you’re looking for a hack-and-slash RPG in the classic sense, this would be a fine choi...

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