Christmas thoughts.

Hey Giant Bomb,
I'm normally a pretty quiet guy.  I keep to myself, but I browse the forums when I get a chance.  
While I may not say much, I have to say, I love you guys.
It's been a pretty rough end of the year.  My uncle is in the hospital in pretty bad shape.  Allow me to ramble a bit.  A couple of years ago, he stepped on a piece of coral, and his foot got infected.  He never had it looked at, it didn't heal right (he's diabetic), and his doctor told him not to worry about it.  This little infection has caused: a whole-body infection that has gone into his bones; gangrene in the affected toe; sepsis as a result; pneumonia; and a heart attack.  Also, the hospital infected him further when they amputated his toe.  He was given a 60% chance of dying.  He's made it, so far.  A few weeks after being in the hospital, including being in a clean room, he was discharged.  Two days later, massive heart attack.  He's now back in hospital, waiting for open heart surgery.  It's been scheduled multiple times but had to be delayed due to his poor condition. 
Add to this, my 97-year-old grandmother, his mother.  She found out that my uncle was in bad shape, and got upset - really upset.  Justifiably.  We tried to prevent her from finding out.  I know it sounds terrible, but she gets pretty emotional over small illnesses, even a small cold. Anyway, she found out, got very upset, and that caused her to have a stroke.  Since, she has had trouble recognizing me.  All this happened in the last couple of weeks.  There's more, but the rest is really petty in comparison.  So I've been stressed a bit.
So where am I going with this, you may ask?  Well, if you thought Humble Bundle giveaway, you're right!  You should also get the fuck out of my head, because I don't know how you could get to that conclusion! 
Seriously.  I picked up 5 codes for the Humble Indie Bundle 1 & 2 to give away to you fine folks.  I figured, since I'm a little bit down, I could make some people happy, and doing that might bring my mood up a bit.  My way of adding a little more happiness to the world.  It's also a way of giving back to the community I'm glad to be a very small part of.
Here's all you need to do: post a comment in the thread attached to this blog post.  I'm going to bed right now, it being 4 AM and all, so don't expect any responses from me right away.  I'll be reading through the comments, and giving the codes away semi-randomly throughout the 24 hour period (give or take) to follow, to give a chance to everyone, no matter where they are.  
I'm not looking to attention-whore, or looking for pity.  Make me or others laugh, and you'll have a better chance.  Make it Batman.  Otherwise, I'll use a random number generator and go with that.
Like I said, I love you guys.