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Only as brief as you allow it to be 0

What is essentially a playable teaser for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gets a ton of stuff right. It serves as a transition for experienced MGS players to the new control scheme; shows newbies to the franchise what 5 is gonna be like; and gets you unreasonably excited for the full game. The controls are close to perfect, I was using a 360 controller on the PC. It looks incredible, especially the rain-soaked main mission.Once you play through that main story mission - probably an hour or ...

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Masterful First-Person Puzzler 0

Valve classed up the first person puzzler genre when they released Portal, and then put a stake in the ground with Portal 2 as the defining game in the genre. The Talos Principle deserves a spot right next to Portal 2 on the Mount Rushmore of first-person puzzlers. If such a thing existed. It really shouldn't, that'd be a terrible waste of money.Talos' puzzles require moving and manipulating specific tools, channeling power, avoiding enemies and a lot of Doc Brown-style "fourth dimensional thin...

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First Person Stealth done right 0

So you've fired up Dishonored. Let's say you've never played Bioshock, Deus Ex, or Half Life 2. You'll miss the obvious influences that, at times, border on downright theft. Bioshock's art and storytelling style and "first person magic". Deus Ex's stealth trappings, pattern watching, and try-fail-reload-try-again gameplay. Half Life's eerily sparse cityscapes, and waves of masked soldiers.The blend of borrowed elements from FPS classics leaves Dishonored feeling more like a mashup than a complet...

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