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Ok, for real now people.

I usually wouldn't be reluctant to start blog on a social networking site, or anything verging on it for that matter- but I suppose it wouldn't be such a bad idea to start one up here, while the retards at Go Daddy figure out how to fix my domain (Syntax3rr0r.info). If you're reading this, I'm assuming you assume I'm another generic blogger with an alias and a big stiffy for himself.

You're right! I'm like Yahtzee, except I have a smaller ego and I'm not an Anglo-Australian. Oh, and I don't have a fanbase and tonnes of presige- but I have a shit load of Heineken Export and I can play an abridged version of Eine Kleine NachtMusik on guitar! Score one for the little guy!

Expect me to shamelessly whore myself and my website in the near future, whilst I post blog posts about other people's blog posts and criticize them with the full force of God; Let the good times roll on.