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Ten Survival Horror Games To Warp Your Mind

In no means in any "scarier than the last" order, here is my favorite ten games of the Survival Horror genre of video games. grab some headphones, turn off the lights, and crap your pants.

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  • Picked the whole franchise because they're all equally terrifying. Silent Hill plays with your mind with the psychological horror aspect. The series also has some of the most interesting characters of the Survival Horror genre.

  • In space, no one can hear you crap your pants. Dead Space follows Isaac Clarke, an engineer aboard the USG Ishimura, as he battles Necromorphs..and zero gravity.

  • added the franchise for the same reason I added Silent Hill. A zombie apocalypse brought on by an evil corperation.

  • Trapped in a mine with killer dogs, giant worms, and ravenous spiders Philip searches for answers about his father, and questions himself for ever going here to find them. I picked the Penumbra series because of it's twisted monsters, it's "Hide or die" way of combat (In Black plague atleast, in Overture atleast you get a pick axe) and the creepy story behind it. Penumbra proves to survival horror fans that not only is the genre alive and kicking with new additions to gameplay otherwise not thought of or not used enough, but that you don't have be a big name company to scare the pants off of players.

  • Another game created by Frictional Games, the folks who brought you Penumbra. Amnesia plays alot like Penumbra but I feel it's a tad more horrifying. With the same concept of Hide, or be torn apart by monsters Amnesia The Dark Descent adds more to the fear level with it's breath-taking atmosphere of Brennenburg castle in the year 1839 and it's Lovecraftian monsters and inspired story. If that wasn't enough, the insanity meter that fills when you remain in the dark, adds some legitmate chills.

  • Haunting Ground was a very under the radar game. You play as Fiona who wakes up in a strange castle after a car accident. The residents of the castle all want something from Fiona, and are more than willing to take it by force. Haunting Ground plays alot with the "better hide or die" aspect some games are adapting to in the genre, with a small tinsy bit of combat involving shoving, tackling, and her faithful companion, Hewie the dog. A twisted story and mind boggling puzzles await in Haunting Ground

  • As if you didn't know already this game would be creepy based on who's name is slapped on it, this low radar game promises to give you a few scares. You play as Patrick, a paranormal investigator who is called on by a friend to unravel the mystery of what has happened to his siblings in the strange castle which he resides in. The combat is vaguely simular to that of Bioshock, as Patrick dual wields firearms in one hand and a mystical rock in the other used to cast spells to help him rid of evil monsters

  • Eternal Darkness is a game that plays with not only your head, the head of your many characters through it's creepy story of how evil gods want to triumph over good and rule the world in "The Eternal Darkness" you fight (you guessed it) zombies and other HP Lovecraft inspired creatures while battling your sanity, which when low would cause some scary moments such as your character losing their head (literally) and/or other limbs for a moment, to enemies who aren't there.

  • Dino Crisis controls alot like the games of the Resident Evil series, minus the zombies and add DINOSAURS. Explore a compound and fight against vicious meat eaters that have climbed through an open portal in a fight for survival.

  • Added the whole franchise like I did for Silent Hill and Resident Evil. in Fatal Frame you are attacked by haunting ghost, and the only way to combat them is the flash of your camera.