Best of 2011

Here is my list of best of 2011 games that I played in 2011. Had trouble making a full list, so ended up adding two games that would certainly been on the list had I played them. Also probably Skyrim and SR3 would have been on the list.

List items

  • I only got sucked into competitive online multiplayer with Bad Company 2. This takes it places very well. The additions and the presentation is better in (almost) every way. The few smaller maps are not really ideal for the typical Battlefield style mayhem, but luckily the Back to Karkland gave us more bigger maps. No doubt this game will not leaving my 360 for good time.

  • This must be the game from 2011 that I've played the most no doubt. Yes, even more than BF3. Since PES 6 I haven't been so addicted to a sports game. Can not think a single fault with this. The additions such as the tactical defending actually make the defending feel more like real defending. And adds tons of depth and tactics. There is also tons of different modes to keep one busy. Difficulty sliders allow player to tweak the challenge to just right level.

  • My number one indie game from this year. Keep asking people to try the demo since the video/screenshot's doesn't do justice.


    <a href="">My review</a>

  • After all the build-up and hype one almost feels sorry for how this game was received in the long run. Sure the action might have gotten bit stale and the interrogation was not as exciting it could have.

  • After seeing the release trailer was kind of disappointed on how the game was playing. Ended picking up the game after all, thanks to the Danny B's soundtrack. And so glad that I did. Gameplay here is so simple, yet very compelling. The random generated world with Edmund's "ugly" design together with the eery chiptune soundtrack just makes one come back for this and try the game again and again.

  • Another great indie game. Rolling boulder racing game with small hint of tower defence game. Luckily the latter can be ignored since the way to play this is with speed of course. The crazy Monty Python style humor and art-style suits this cool little game very well.

  • One the disappointing titles from this year. Or rather, I had way too great expectations. This is just feels way too similar to Arkham Asylum. In good and bad. Still very good game, but wish the battle mechanism had been different. Worst of all is that one knows that there will be a third Arkham game which will be again more of the same.

  • Was not really interested in this at first but GB guys and the community really made me change my mind. Bought the game now twice, although not necessary interested playing this again. Sure the gameplay might be not the most original but the presentation and the execution sure is.

  • A fine action RPG that I wish had played more. Game being released as broken didn't give the best start for this game. The multiple fixes and DLC (~12) show that the developers really want to support this. Not many PC co-op RPG's that manage to be so unique and same time manage to poke fun at the gaming cliches so well.

  • Another game that I wish I had time to play more. The strategy planning section from old Rainbow Six games have been missing from any recent title for too long. Frozen Synapse manages just that. With interesting single player and addicting multiplayer component.

  • Had I been able to play this, this surely had been on the list. Simply had not good enough PC for this in 2011.

  • Another game I didn't get to play, but if I had it surely had been on this list. Demon's Souls is one the best RPG's released recently, this seems to be more of the same.