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Best of 2010

Kentobi: Best of 2010

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  • One of the first games of the year, but crazy good. Oddly, never had an interest to go back to the DLC. Once was I done, I was ready to move on, not go back.

  • Best game of the series. Still wanting AssCreed 3, though. This game was less about adding and more about polish.

  • And I never played a single multi-player match.

  • I almost can't recommend this. Nothing but a complete time sink. I talk lots of crap about WoW, but Civ is worse. And by that, I mean better.

  • The Anti-Civ V. I truly hate playing this game. It's not "fun" as such, but the sense of accomplishment you get from getting an A in a level is unmatched this year.

  • Everyone will forget this, but this was the only game to excite me into playing Wii all year.

  • I only played during the "free weekend", but I played it non-stop. It's amazing how motivating the monotonous behavior of building a cave becomes.

  • The best size for the style of restart-restart-restart gameplay that Dead Rising requires. If they added a few more combo weapons, who would want to play the full game?

  • Fun as hell. See what I did there? Never really invents anything, but the level of execution raises it up to be great.

  • Yes, it's really elementary. Yes, it's really repetitive. However, it's incredibly well written and fun. I've never wished more that there was voice acting in a game.

  • My brother got more into the crazy of this game, but no other game has embraced the concept of open-world jank more. The next one should even have less plot and more crazy.

  • It's an amusement park ride. The first time through, it's incredible, but on the second ride, you can see all the seams.