Best of 2016

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  • Same deal as with the first Danganronpa. However I will say that I initially disliked most of the cast of this game, but its so well done that I ended up caring what happened to them by the end. Also, they do a fantastic job keeping the mystery and suspense high after the revelations of the first game.

    While I liked the Steins;Gate VN's and anime in general, I never really thought VN's were for me, but these games have really gotten me into the genre.

    Its been a long time since a game tore me away from my college work so much. If you read books, then you know the feeling of "I can't put this down" that you get when reading a good book. That's the feeling I had playing this and Danganronpa 1. I need Danganronpa 3 now.

  • This game didn't come out this year, but I played it this year and I absolutely love it. Where Final Fantasy XV's characters were incredibly underdeveloped and I had a hard time caring about most of them, Danganronpa made me care about even the characters I absolutely hated at the start of the game. This game's story and characters are both fantastic and the mystery and detective/lawyer gameplay kept me on edge.

    These are mostly visual novels, but if you like murder mysteries and don't have some sort of antipathy towards anime styled things, then you will absolutely love this game.

  • I really don't like multiplayer shooters. I mean I liked COD4 like everyone else when that came out, but I have not had fun with a shooter's multiplayer since then. But then Overwatch happened. I think Blizzard did a fantastic job creating a multiplayer shooter that even people who don't like those kinds of games can enjoy.

  • While Dark Souls III isn't quite as good as Dark Souls I or Bloodborne, it is a huge improvement over Dark Souls II. Its a lot of fun to play through a Dark Souls game as usual. The only reason its not higher on the list is because I found it to be a little too easy.

  • I have a lot to say about Final Fantasy XV and I'm considering writing the first review of a game I've ever written. First off, this game is a ton of fun to play and the endgame hunts kept me coming back even after I finished the story. I have a few nitpicks about the combat mechanics, such as magic being turned into uninteresting grenades in this game, but overall it was a great time. It was also quite challenging at points, which is good to see in this day and age where games seem to be more about finishing them than the challenge. (Note I'm no super gamer, but if I get through a game without at least a little struggle, then it doesn't feel like much of an accomplishment unless the story is great). I also think the game looks really cool and had a pretty good soundtrack.

    Now onto the things I don't like. The characters seem incredibly 1-dimensional. I know that most Final Fantasy game's characters are pretty 1-dimensional, but this one is especially bad. Maybe its all in that Kingsglaive movie that I never watched, but I feel like I didn't actually know any of the characters in this game. Noctis is probably the best fleshed out character, but that's only because he is the character we play. Prompto is the character that seems like he has the most interesting backstory, but we don't get to see it. There's a scene at one of the hotels where he and Noctis talk about their childhood a little bit that I thought was quite interesting, but it never really goes anywhere. I still don't know who Ignis actually is and why he's here on this trip. I like Ignis a lot, but the game doesn't really give much of an indication as to why he's here on this trip. Gladiolus is much the same deal, though he seems more like a bodyguard assigned to Noctis. Again the game doesn't really give us much details on why any of them are together other than they are bodyguards. People were saying they don't understand Ravus's motivations, but I think that's pretty clear. What I don't understand is why we didn't see ANY of what he was doing throughout the game. I hear that the short anime series has a bunch of backstory, which brings me to my next point.

    It seems like most of the story is in the movie and short anime series and I think that's pretty unacceptable. I came out of this game without much of a sense of what was happening in the world or with the characters. The story is extremely barebones and it seems like they cut pretty much all of the connecting tissue. The story makes sense, but it feels much like a COD game at times, where you are just going from set piece to set piece and getting 3 or 4 lines of dialogue between. As a result, the story is probably on a level slightly above that of FFI's (probably hyperbolic I know, but its how I feel) and pathetically short for a Final Fantasy game. If someone just played the story and no side content, they could probably finish this game in around 16 hours or so.

    Anyways, I'll stop ranting in this list. TL;DR Final Fantasy XV is a fun game to play, but its story and characters are about as unfinished as you can get.

  • To be fair I have barely only started this game, but I am a huge fan of the Steins;Gate series. If I had more time to dig in, then this would probably be much higher on the list.

  • This game reminds me a lot of Persona 3/4, which is not a bad thing. The story and characters seem pretty interesting and the combat seems challenging and well put together. Unfortunately I'm not very far and my PS3 controller died so I won't be playing it for a while longer, which is a shame since this seems like one of the better JRPGs that has come out in the past few years.

  • Same deal as Steins;Gate 0. I always enjoy Pokemon games so the mainline games usually end up on my list.

  • This game is not good, but I sure played a lot of it early this year. The translation seems to have been fed directly through google translate, which, with Japanese's vastly different grammar structures, makes the story and dialogue nonsensical at times. The combat is interesting, but often too easy. That said, there are some crazy and sudden difficulty spikes at bosses.

    But I finished this game so I suppose it should be on the list. I did have fun building and digivolving my team.

  • I honestly forgot this game came out this year. Not that its bad, but I didn't love it as much as I did Awakening. The Fire Emblem games are always a lot of fun to play and Fates is no different, but I felt the story and most characters were pretty forgettable.

  • This spot is for the game I still don't know why I haven't played yet. I loved the older harvest moon games like Back to Nature and I don't really like the newer ones. The newer games seem like they are too "dumbed down" for lack of a better word. Stardew Valley seems to go the opposite direction, which should be right up my alley. But I haven't played it yet and I don't know why I haven't.