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My main interests are cinema and literature (I've college degrees in both screenwriting and cinematography), but I also love music (who doesn't?) and video games (I'd love to write for the gaming industry one day).

Concerning the latter, I've to admit I'm a single player lover -- I honestly don't have much patience (and even less time!) to actually go deep into the multiplayer aspects of a game -- I prefer a good story driven campaign to anything else, really.

I'm Portuguese, but I've lived in the UK for a while. I'm currently back in Portugal, but I'll be back to the UK soon enough.

Among many many others, these are my favorite "everythings":

Game --- Half-Life

Game Developer --- Valve

Genres --- RPG, FPS, Survival Horror, Indie

Game Hero --- Gordon Freeman

Game Villains --- SHODAN & Pyramid Head

Game NPC --- Alyx Vance

Movie --- 2001: A Space Odyssey

Director --- Stanley Kubrick

Genres --- Sci-Fi, Horror, Drama

TV series ever --- The X-Files & Twin Peaks

Recent TV series --- LOST & Dexter

Band ever --- Pink Floyd

Band in the active --- TooL

Albums --- "The Wall" (by Pink Floyd) & "Grace" (by Jeff Buckley)

Song ever --- Echoes (by Pink Floyd)

Anime (movie) --- Mononoke Hime

Anime (series) --- Gankutsuou & Monster

Anime Character --- Prince Ashitaka

Childhood Cartoon --- Thundercats

Writers --- Franz Kafka, José Saramago & Philip K. Dick

Book --- "Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira" aka "Blindness" (by José Saramago)

Comic Book --- Watchmen (by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons)

Super-Hero --- Spider-Man

Manga --- BLAME! (by Tsutomu Nihei) & Uzumaki (by Junji Ito)

Manga Character --- Killy

Fine-Arts Artists --- Hieronymus Bosch & HR Giger

Photographer --- My cousin (no, really, he is that awesome!)


Finally, I don't go there often, but if you're still interested, these are my other Whiskey Media profile pages: