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More Heroes, Please 0

Originally written February 20th, 2008. Unlike the other reviews I've been putting up recently, I've gone in and made some changes to this one. Making it better and more readable. No More Heroes is an odd game, though if you know its creator Suda51 then you should also know that this is nothing new for the auteur game designer. You play as Travis Touchdown, a character who should be easy for many players to relate to considering he's your average g...

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Want a Remote and a $10 Game? 0

Originally written July 5, 2007. I don't even think they're still selling Wii Play, but my review is here just for the sake of putting my stuff on Giant Bomb. I haven't made any big adjustments to the text in the review, but I have put in some italicized comments.   I'm sure you've heard everyone telling you things like "Wii Play is only worth it because of the free Wii remote". Well, you aren't going to hear any different here. Wii Play is the little cousin to the console pack-in, ...

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The Future of Shooters? Not Really. 0

Originally written February 2, 2007. Since then we've obviously seen much better shooters on the platform. I haven't made any big adjustments to the text in the review, but I have adjusted my score a little lower than I might have put it back then, and put in some italicized comments..   Easily the second most hyped up Wii launch title behind Twilight Princess was Red Steel. Since its E3 showing it gained an enormous fan base for a new IP that ...

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Not as good as you remember 0

Originally written January 31st, 2007  After adding 2000 Wii Points to my account I was dead set on 2 games. Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64. The former was the much anticipated sequel to the original Super Mario Kart and at the time was one of the N64's greatest gems. However when stacked up to it's successors Mario Kart 64 pales in comparison. The game features the basics of all Mario Kart titles. The 8 major characters battle it out in 4 diff...

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Buggy in More Ways Than One... 0

 When Wii first launched I had a few expectations of the console. The first was that classic franchises and genres could be improved and somewhat reinvented with the new controller and that we'd see a bunch of innovative and fresh ideas on the system. Deadly Creatures certainly falls into that latter category. The game puts you in control of a tarantula and a scorpion as you alternate between the two with each of the 10 chapters. The spider is quick, can jump, has the ability to...

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