First One

Well, after debating it a bit, I've decided to post my first blog post here at Giant Bomb. Being an older gamer makes me feel well... Old and Cranky :p The game I'm playing most right now is Gundam Extreme Vs, but thanks to my buddy incessantly bugging me to play Nier, I've bought it and started that now. Extreme Vs has a lot of Nostalgia factor for me since it brings back memories of the Gundam vs/Zeta vs/Seed vs series. Since the series went to PSP, I've more or less ignored it but now that it's back on consoles, I'm quite enjoying it. My one issue is that it's become much more of a twitch game and well, I don't know if I have that in me anymore.

Nier though, is another story.

Horrible graphics, a less than conventional story, with an absolutely breathtaking soundtrack, it definitely is a game worth $10. The game seems very PS2 in its graphics, but ignoring all of that, the game has something that a lot of others don't; a protagonist who acts like a tough, grizzled veteran. As I get older, the whiny, emo, young protagonists which seem to invade other games has been played out and now, I'm looking for different narrative streams. While some of Nier's dialogue is pretty campy and stiff, the fact that the main story revolves around a father-daughter relationship really tugs at the heartstrings of us older gamers. It's a neat twist to the general concept.

Anyways, that's about it for now. I wonder if anyone will read this?