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    How many extra years of Premium do I need to buy for GB to make this an official feature?

  • Konrad posted a message on the post Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes - Part 3.

    Why does Brenda sound like she's from the 20s?

  • Konrad posted a message on the post Command & Conquer Remastered Collection.

    I just wish more of these had two people :( I love GB and quick looks because of the banter and industry trivia that comes out of multiple people chatting about what's going on, and when it's just on...

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    Sometimes I wonder how my life would be different I had taken that QA job at Her Interactive.But mostly just because it would give me smaller degree of separation to the GB crew.

  • Konrad posted a message on the post Episode 4.

    Please don't let this be the start of GB doing the YouTube thumbnail thing of "thinking face" or "shocked face" or "confused face" and half a dozen words with question marks/exclamation points. Abby,...

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