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Games that I didn't enjoy very much (GTIDEVM) in 2010

These are the games that I played in 2010, that.... um, well, I didn't enjoy so much. To put it mildly. They weren't all released in 2010, but I did play them all in 2010. These games aren't terrible, just that I didn't really like playing them

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  • I will freely admit that if it didn't have the title "Final Fantasy" in it, I would be kinder to this game. But it does have Final Fantasy in the title. It's a Final Fantasy game. Or at least, it says it is. No airship, no NPCs, an incredibly annoying cast of characters, dull sterile world and beautiful graphics. The game has no soul to it. And the story is bad and lacking in emotion.

  • I loved the original Golden Sun. I liked the sequel. This one, I didn't enjoy so much. Mostly because the dialogue is ATROCIOUS. It's spell-bindingly AWFUL. The amount of repetition is a marvel to behold - the beginning intro repeats the same three background story points over 6 times! I counted! Character say the same damn thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

  • I like shanking guys. In the gut. With a shank. I like cutting up a lot of dudes with chainsaws and then shooting them backwards with a shotgun. I like using chainsaws and Gatling guns. But I don't like doing the same thing for hours and hours on end, and emerging with sore fingers and not much else. The story wasn't great, the action was repetitive and the scenery didn't change enough. Shank was perfectly fine for the first 40 or so minutes. But it needed more, and it didn't have it. The same three or four ideas had to carry the game for far too long.

  • Don't get me wrong. I love toucans. I love stowaway toucans on ships. I like deer that hold military ranks. I love the concept of space hippos. What I don't like is a brick-wall learning curve, and a crappy tutorial that does not prepare you for the game. I also don't like dying almost every time I get into a battle.

  • I'll admit that after playing the game for a few hours, I didn't nearly hate it as much as I thought I did. Nevertheless, the game makes a TERRIBLE first impression, and at the end of the day, if you don't have some techno music, the game ain't worth it.

  • Alright, I suppose I'm judgemental about this game because it can in no way compete against Super Meat Boy. But I still didn't enjoy it very much. Some people REALLY dig 8-bit, pixel-based graphics. I am not one of those people.

  • Alright, this game came out in 09, but I played it this year. And... um, it's alright. But it gets boring and it's a bit too easy. And the battles last waaay too long. I get that was kind of the point they were going for - I mean, it has the word Gratuitous in it, but after a while it's just the same types of ships knocking heads against each other over and over with the same dumb ship names (if you're federation) and the same annoying cheesy ship dialogue over and over again. How many ship captains leave their wallet on deck 6 (or is it 4)? According to GSB, ALL of them. Also, the first thing to be taken out in any ship is apparently the gallery, so they all have to eat take out all the time.

    And also, every ship has a lucky deck 5 for some reason. Even the fighters for some reason.