Best of 2009

Kraznor: Best of 2009

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  • Jaw-dropping amazing pretty much from start to finish. The way dialogue in cut-scenes is handled here should be the blueprint for all games going forward.

  • Really big surprise here, had no expectations for this and came away very impressed.

  • Not always fun, but always interesting. Lot of great ideas in here.

  • LAAAMMMMEEE story, but the combat and the visual style are so awesome it really doesn't matter.

  • Okay game, but amazing multi-player experience.

  • Not perfect, but the joy of finally having some of my favorite music represented in a big rhythm game was enough. And that turn-table controller is alright. Hope they release more electronicky stuff in subsequent sequels and/or DLC.

  • Another great Rock Band title, featuring a band I'm rather fond of. Wish the DLC was more reasonably priced, but its still a really fun package.

  • Fun in the way the first was, but with more variety and some good personality.

  • Really great follow-up to a decent game. Succeeds at making me psyched about the next one.

  • Always up for some Canabalt. Best mobile game ever.