Game Consoles I Own

I just realized I'd made this so I'm updating it and adding some flavor.

List items

  • One working, one broken but I can't bare to throw it away. Maybe can salvage it at some point in the future.

  • Only had Ms. Pac-Man for the longest time, then Super Mario Land and then I sort of moved on to Gameboy Color.

  • This was my first major gaming machine. Super Mario World and All-Stars occupied most of my time. It turned yellow on the top half, but still works.

  • My Mk 1 is apparently dead so recently bought a Mk II after reading "Console Wars", which made me curious about what those Sega kids were doing while I was getting my Mario on.

  • Zelda games were the cream of the crop for me here, loved Oracle of Seasons, totally got confused and stuck playing Oracle of Ages around the sixth dungeon or so.

  • Got this after I already had a PS2 because I was at a Cash Converters and it was cheap. Glad I have it but haven't used it much.

  • Did so many chores to buy this thing. This was the first game console I bought with my own money. The reason? Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire. Remember counting out pennies at the Zellers in order to buy that game. It was something like 96 dollars and change. For ONE game.

  • The original, vanilla edition. Mine came with Golden Sun, which I played but never finished. The Metroid games were my stand-out from this platform, Fusion and Zero Mission.

  • I was a Gamecube kid, but eventually I needed one of these. Just too much stuff I wanted to play. Like "Dark Cloud"...which I found immensely disappointing. Honestly, first game I beat on it was "Final Fantasy IX" as I never had a PS1. But eventually I found MGS2 and everything changed.

  • I got a flyer route in order to save up the sheckles to Xbox. But that thing was EXEPENSIVE so I rented a Gamecube and decided I needed one of those instead so spent it on an Indigo one. Loved this thing, Windwaker, Twin Snakes, Resident Evil 4, Pikmin and perhaps especially, Animal Crossing. Much time was spent with this machine. My original one died right near the end of its generation so bought a black one with Super Mario Strikers. That game isn't great, but hey, fresh Cube.

  • Bought this years after it was relevant but had a fondness for it as I played many an hour of Halo at a friend's place who had it when it was king of the roost. Really haven't done much with it but have half a mind to check out Jade Empire at some point, so maybe it will get some attention.

  • Lost my original fat DS at some point and am saddened by that. It was a blue one, got it and Meteos (and later Kirby Canvas Curse...or maybe I bought that the same day). Eventually got a light blue DSi, the last game I played on that was 999 last year. Oh, and that port of Chrono Trigger, that was pretty recent too.

  • Work Time Fun. I won an MGS-themed PSP via "On the Spot" nearly a decade a go and ran to the Wal-Mart to buy not one but TWO copies of the best game for the platform, Work Time Fun. I also got Lumines, but DUDE, Work Time Fun.

  • Dead Rising was the reason I couldn't wait on this. Bought my first HDTV in preparation and had many good times with this thing before I slowly grew irritated with Xbox Live and started getting into Steam. Still, Halo ODST, Deadly Premonition and the double-edged sword of achievement points stand out in my memory from my time. Oh, and yeah, one totally red-ringed at some point.

  • Got this for MGS4, ended up not being super pleased with that game but still glad I had one for all the stuff Naughty Dog brought us on the system (got Brutal Legend and Uncharted 2 on the same day...sorry Mr Schafer but the latter dominated my gaming time). PS Plus has encouraged me to return to this system quite a bit. Most recently, Vib-Ribbon has been getting some play-time.

  • Lined up for hours outside of a Wal-Mart for this thing (one of my favorite line experiences actually) and got that Twilight Princess day one. Didn't like it then, finally beat it maybe a month ago (September 2014). But yeah, Wii Sports...I really didn't give this thing a lot of time when it was relevant, but been playing some back catalog lately. Metroid Prime 3 is better than I gave it credit back then, New Super Mario Bros was pretty fun cooperatively, Skyward Sword was really, REALLY good. Recently bought Xenoblade Chronicles and hope to check it out...eventually. Betting that game is long.

  • Lined up outside the same Wal-Mart for this (lot less fun line that time, it was colder too). Mario Kart 8 is really the winner thus far for me and this thing, had a great time with that game. Pikmin 3 was pretty engrossing, ZombiU impressed me quite a bit, but really, I've been using this thing as a Wii primarily, enjoying the last seven years of Nintendo games via this thing.

  • Playstation Plus and the pretty hefty library of PSOne and PSP games makes this machine make a lot of sense for me. That new Lumines game is also my favorite in that franchise, top-notch soundtrack and easier (I think) than its forebears, so enjoy that quite a bit. I get why it isn't selling a ton, but I use mine fairly regularly.