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The Last of Us - Initial thoughts

So, as I finally got a PS4 couple weeks back and when I was looking for games to marvel at I decided to get The Last of Us (remastered edition) for it. Despite being a "last gen" game The Last of Us sure looks pretty - and sounds great as well. On my first sitting (last weekend) I got to Joels old friend Bill and up to this point the only annoyance has been the combat.

The characters so far seem well written for a game and seem to act accordingly to events around them. Of course you can like or dislike them but the motives seem to fit the person. The world is gorgeous to wander through and seems believable. I especially liked the arrival to Bills hometown (Lincoln?) nearly as much as Ellie. Atmosphere has been fantastic so far in the game.

The bad thing about action is the feel of it. When things go down the crapper I feel like Im fighting the controls more than the mushroom folk. Shooting seems very awkward and it is a miracle if I manage to shoot twice at something in a row. Weirdly this is not a issue in multiplayer which seemed ok.

Despite the combat I can barely wait for the weekend a chance to continue the story.