Best of 2015

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  • This game had me hooked, parkour plus zombies and a night time cycle that left you genuinely terrified A++.

  • I thought I could care less about Assassin's Creed but this game made me realize that when they make a good one of these it sucks me back in.

  • Although it really is just more Fallout 3, I haven't played Fallout in quite sometime so I was ready and after 30 hours I was done and look forward to fallout 5 in 7ish years.

  • While the Batmobile wasn't great (as in not welcomed) the game was still more awesome Batman doing Batman things.

  • I like stealth games (my skill varies) and this game had me sucked in to Fultoning EVERYTHING.

  • Bloodsouls, enough said.

  • Because I hate myself, this is why I love these types of games.

  • Teaching David Cage how to David Cage, but really this was a really enjoyable experience (SAM NOOOOOOOOO...RIP).

  • While I could care less about the story (mashed that skip button through cut seems like it was the point) I did love hunting down monsters and getting sweat sweat loot.

  • ToZ wore out it's welcome towards the end but, it reminded me how much I like to play JRPG's.