Wii and PS3. opposite stories

i think they have had quite opposite journeys thus far. The PS3 launch was poor and it took a long time for some good games to come out, and for the PSN community to grow, the hardware to start selling. now its in a good place, has had a good 2008 for games, PSN has a good community now.
The Wii on the other hand had a great launch, and the first 12 months had some great games and the hardware sold like crazy. Now it has pretty much grinded to a halt in the eyes of the hardcore gamer. titles like Wii Music and Fit just dont interest the hardcore crowd and that is clearly Nintys focus as that is what is making them money , hand over fist. There are some good titles due to come out next year but overall the Wii's future in terms of games is very bleak


looking for group

just came across this webcomic after clicking a link on ctrlaltdel and its frickin awesome. there are so many sub-par webcomics out there that its refreshing to find one that looks great, is genuinely funny, and has a really good story running through it with good dialogue. i highly recommend it  if you  dont know of its existence already . anyone else read it



Disconnecting from Games

While I love playing online i cannot stand it when somebody disconnects from a game because they are losing. These people are the lowest of the lowest and in my book cannot be consider a gamer. A true gamer has some amount of respect for his opponent and if you are taking a beating have the courtesy to do it with dignity. last night i was playing FIFA 08 online and 3 times in a row the other guy disconnects from the game in the last minute because they are losing. If you cannot accept the fact that losing is part and parcel of online game then stay away from xbox live and psn and the rest, we do not want your kind ruining the experience of competitive multiplayer for the rest of us.

This is such a big problem with online games today that i think the game companies need to be tougher on this issue and while i understand some of them dont want to get involved and monitor their servers to that extent, at least give us the tools to try and avoid this yourself. the perfect example of this happened the day i got my new connection installed , i booted up Tekken 5 DR and was playing away and my housemate was fiddling with the router and disconnected me. When i reconnected to the service i got a very stern message that i disconnected from my match and that this was not acceptable. and then when you look at the aforementioned FIFA 08 there are no such attempts at scolding these morons. For a game like FIFA where it is one on one , if one player disconnects then you should win by default, no questions asked. if the other guy legitamitely lost his connection then so be it, that is a rare occurance compared to someone deliberately exiting the game. i played well in those 3 matches and deserved my win and increase in online rankings but i ended up with jack squat.

Since the explosion of online console gaming the random or quick session option has become quite popular, and while it is good to be able to log on to the service and jump straight into a game you should still be able to see some stats on your opponent before commencing a match, disconnect rate, and quality of connection are a must. some games have it and some don't but it should be standard. FIFA does have an option to set the maximum dnf% allowed if you create the session and while its good thats there its not enough. We also need the ability to report these people and name and shame them and if the powers that be look at their account and see a high disconnect rate then they should be banned or at least suspended.