GiantBomb Achievement Suggestions

So we know an achievement system of some sort is coming for doing stuff around the site- we just don't know when. It will come though at some point, if you trust those engineers upstairs. Anyways, post any ideas or suggestions you'd have for GiantBomb achievements here. Bonus points for making the title an obscure reference.

Here are some of mine.

  • Rorie- Write an awesome guide for the site
  • Obsessed- Get over 1,000 points on any page on the site
  • Social Butterfly- Have over 100 friends in your network
  • Fluffernutter- Write a totally stalkerific page about someone in the games industry
  • Jose Apple- Upload a horrific amount of images to GiantBomb
  • You got something to prove, kid?- Be one of the top 100 wiki editors

Now, dear reader, it is YOUR TURN! Post some achievements you think it would be cool to see on GiantBomb when they launch their achievement system.