My Top 20 Playstation One Games

My top 20 Playstation One games - Warning contains nostalgic ramblings that may cause adverse effects to the reader.

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  • My first copy of the game was entirely in Japanese so I had no idea what was happening in the story and had to guess my way through the plot. I only knew the game play was stunning and unique, and the score was out of this world. Getting the radio code took about as long as a typical cut-scene in MGS4 - a year.

  • I was barely 10 years old when the first Tomb Raider was released but I still remember the first level like it was yesterday. Tomb Raider was the first game that really introduced me to a strong female role model and very few games have come along since with that kind of impact.

  • When it comes to genuine terror the first zombie was always the worst. I remember it shambling forward and I just ran for my life, all the while an older friend was laughing hysterically.

  • Silent Hill is truly the stuff of a dark desperate nightmare, in fact getting to the finale of the game gave me just that. I lost many nights of sleep laying wide eyed in bed - while visions of Mr Pyramid danced in my head.

  • I like a lot of gamers had no idea that this top-down crime sim would ever become the world wide phenomenon that it is today. Apparently the original idea was to play as the police but due to a glitch they had to switch the roles around, they saw it worked better and developed the rest of the game that way.

  • I really liked Driver for two reasons, the first being you could drive through an entire city and cause all kinds of mischief. And the second, you could take the replays and cut/edit them, I wonder today if going to film school was influenced by the game or just a natural love of that medium. One thing is for sure the driving test at the start of the game was no walk in the park and showed up again in the more recent Driver San Francisco.

  • I really wish they rebooted the Syphon Filter series. The story was great and the game play was top notch. One of my fondest memories was using a tazer at long range on unsuspecting bad guys all the while thinking I'd have one of those in real life one day - and do I? no comment.

  • When the first Gran Turismo game came along I never really appreciated the driving simulator genre, so by the time 2 rolled around I was more than ready. Everything seemed more accessible and the extra layer of visual and technical polish did no harm either.

  • Tenchu gets a top spot on the list for two reasons, it had some amazing stealth elements that gave a sense of freedom to how you decide to play. Also the level editor was amazing and though it could do complex things it was easy enough to get to grips with.

  • Imagine my surprise when Santa brought a triple bill of baldy behemoth Bruce Willis action down the chimney on a snowy December in 1996. I still remember my Mom's reaction to the violence, maybe the title wasn't enough of a give-away, either way immense fun was had and I still have that same copy to this day.

  • The first Resident Evil was nothing short of brilliant, so by the time Resident Evil 2 was released I'd already played the demo and knew what to expect. The setting of Raccoon City was perfect, and the fact it came with two discs meant so much replay value.

  • I never really knew what was going on in the story but found the platforming to be highly addictive and loved the colours and art design.

  • WipEout was a game I could only really play as long as I had a big glass of soda close by. Sugar and the reactions of an energizer bunny were needed in order to not only take first but to reach the end of the finish line in one piece.

  • Just like guitar hero is to people with no real musical skill Tony Hawks games turned me into a skate boarding pro over night. The second one made the biggest impact not just for the fun and addictive game play but for the music it introduced me to.

    From Papa Roach and Rage Against The Machine to Bad Religion and Anthrax - if someone told me back then I'd be working with those bands now I'd think they were crazy.

  • Kick! Punch! It's all in the mind. If you wanna test me, I'm sure you'll find. The things I'll teach ya is sure to beat ya.

    But nevertheless you'll get a lesson from teacher.

    Even years later I still remember the lyrics and lessons that the game thought me. Proof that a talking onion man was more than capable of delivering such wise words of wisdom.

  • Normally I couldn't win at a beat'em if my life depended on it but for some strange cosmic reason I was actually good at Tekken 3 so it has to get a mention.

  • As a huge fan of the Alien franchise the trilogy was something I instantly needed to play, imagine all 3 films turned into glorious video-game pixels. It should have been perfect but it quickly became apparent that all 3 games were painfully similar (apart from a few different colours and textures) thus began a very strange case of never really holding onto the game.

    For whatever reason I owned the game three maybe four times, but at some point I'd end up trading it in for something else. Perhaps it was the strange sense of depression the game seemed to emanate, even now I don't think I own a copy.