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New Generation. New Personal Goal

I played PlayStation 3 this whole generation and after it broke, I came to realize that I have a very narrow taste in games. All I played were the AAA title games. I never even considered to play side scrolling games, old fashioned arcade games, weird games, puzzle games, indie games, and every other type of game that wasn't a FPS or RPG.

This generation, when I have the PlayStation 4, I'm going to turn that stuff around and play games I know I wouldn't play before. I will still play the big budget games of course, because they still are a lot of fun to me. My brain started thinking if I spend $400 on a game system, I better squeeze every last dollar out of it with it's free-to-play games, indie games and all of the other types as well.

That's just my personal goal though.

I will keep updating this Blog about each new genre and game I've played so far.

Update July 17th, 2013: My first new game genre that I've tried is the MOBA genre. This genre was my least favorite. So far I've only played one moba game (Dota 2) which I think is perfect. I have no want to play another game. Dota 2 is a fun game and I'm very surprised at myself for liking it. I never thought I would be into this type of gameplay or anything. So on my journey to trying new things, I'm already happy with what I've tried so far.

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I'm starting a project I never thought I would do before

Alright guys and gals, I have always been a console gamer. My primary system is the PlayStation. I will get the PlayStation 4 when it comes out still. But in the meantime, I am going to buy computer parts and build my own computer. I have never built one before, but I want to put the blood, sweat, and tears into building it. Thanks to one of the members on here that posted a site called I put in a parts list that I will put in the link. If you guys want to, you can tell me what i should change out and give me suggestions. I was going to buy the parts and just have someone do it for me, but that kind of ruins the fun in doing it. Feel free to buy me this stuff as well ;) Once I get all of the parts I will post again about me starting the build then show the final product.

Just Kidding.

PC Build Updated 5/26/13


It's been a while Giant Bomb

I know I wasn't the most frequent posting user on this website, but for a while I got really hooked to the website and everything it had to offer. I was always watching the Quick Look videos and going to Casual Fridays while drinking Monster Assault and gaming it out with my friend. All those things came to an abrupt halt one day while making myself mac n cheese. I turned my Ps3 on and it prompted me to do an update, as always I said yes and unchecked the box that said "Restart system after update" because I didn't believe in voodoo. So I left thinking it would take a while to do and it didn't surprisingly. I came downstairs to my bedroom with my golden food in hand as steam spooled from it. As I turned the corner I saw the update say complete and then within milliseconds of entering my room, the Ps3 turned off. I sat there eating my food wondering why it had done that and nothing came to mind. After eating I tried turning on the system, it turned on but no screen nor a sound came from the tv. Then my controller wouldn't turn on even though it was connected to the system. So I tried pressing the power button to try again, it still wouldn't turn off. So I unplugged it to try it again. Same exact thing over and over again. I've come to the conclusion that my Playstation 3 is gone...for good. For I had no money to ship it out and get it fixed nor any money to buy a new or used one. This tragic incident happened in March 2013. I've been Playstationless for the longest time I could remember. This didn't really bother me because I had outdoor activities and a full time job...until about 5 days ago when I went to my fellow gaming friends house and I watched him play Sleeping Dogs. Then he gave me the controller and I got to beat the shit out of some Asian people with half karate and half street fighting. Now all I can think about are video games like the ones I pre-ordered; The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls. I know I sound like a loser because "its just video games" "you're 21 Travis, you don't need video games" But video games have done a lot for me in the past. They made me laugh, get angry, sad, and every other emotion out there. They were there when I had no friends to hang out with or when the winter came. However, when the new next generation Playstation comes out, you best believe I'll be in line to be re-united with the world I know and love which doesn't exist in the physical world but it does in my eyes.

After reading this to myself, I sound like a crazy mofo about video games. Trust me, I do love the outdoors and I do have a full-time job arresting shoplifters. Even crazier, I have an amazing girlfriend which helps distract me from me knowing I have no video games to play. Sorry if this was too long for you to read. Just felt like sharing my feelings about not being able to play video games.


My New Job Part 2

For those who haven't read my other blog about my new job, you probably should. It's nothing very long. But for those who have read it, this is an update about my new job with about a month of training underneath my belt. Since I have started training I have successfully been apart of dozens observations of people and their behaviors and what to look for. I have also been trained how to look around corners and not be seen while doing so. Another way I have observed shoplifters is through the shelves of all the merchandise rackings. Also, I have been apart of 4 apprehensions. Most of them concealed the merchandise on themselves another guy tried pushing the stuff out without anyone noticing. We stopped a lady yesterday from shoplifting, the sad part was that she had her 3 year old daughter with her while she was doing it. I am gaining a lot of confidence in myself and noticing that I am really happy to go to work. I still have a couple months left of training and then I will be certified and then handcuff certified. After all of that I will be making apprehensions on my own.

Anyone have any career related goals that they would like to achieve this year?


All I want for Christmas...

This is a selfish blog post. But I really want to build my own pc. Well not with my own hands. I can't build shit. I'd like to obtain the guts of a pc and have it built for me. There is a store named Micro-Center and I wish that I could buy the parts I need for the pc. I've never done pc gaming but I want to so bad nowadays. I'd like to run Far Cry 3 type games. Games with high res and all the good stuff. Now anyone have tips on anything at all on pc's or pc gaming since I'm a complete noob at it all. I've been doing the sony stuff since ps1. That's all I've ever known.


I'm Starting my new job

I'm starting my new job in the retail company I already work for. I'll be an asset protection specialists. For those of you who don't know what they do, they are the people apprehending shoplifters and having them arrested. I'm nervous for this job because I have never been confrontational in my life and this will be my biggest challenge. I am also very excited to start this job because I can get experience to become a police officer in the future as a career. I just felt like sharing this on here because I have no one to really tell this to. Wish me luck! Training starts soon enough and last 3-4 months.

I meant to add also, what do some of you guys do as day to day jobs. And are there any future goals you guys/gals wish to obtain?


Who am I?

No one probably cares but eh, I wanted to leave a digital foot print somewhere on the internet. Sounds lame I know this already. But if you don't want to read this then don't it's not going to be long or drag on. Just a better description of who I am.

My name is Travis. Call me by my username though on here. I am, at the moment twenty-one years old. I was born on September 13th, 1991. I've been born and raised in a small ass town in North-East, Ohio. Neighboring cities don't even know it exists sometimes because of how small it is. I originally started playing video games somewhere in the mid to late 90's on the original PlayStation. I played mostly Need for Speed, Spyro, Jurassic Park, and Hercules. Oh and of course all the Crash Bandicoot games. Didn't have a memory card at the time so I would play and beat the game in one sitting all the time or just dicked around on each game.

From there I then moved onto the original non-slim PlayStation 2 and I have played way to many games to count since I had it it's whole life cycle. That's where I realized that games would always be something I would do no matter what was going on in my life. After the PlayStation 3 was announced I knew I had to have it and thank god my dad won an Ebay bid on it but I was upset that he spent to much on it. He said he didn't care but wanted me to be happy. Happy I was from then on out. Then it had broken only once before I got an upgraded 120gig non-slim one I believe it was. Played that for a long time now. Now I bought the slim 180gig Ps3 and I love it still.

For me, video games aren't all about graphics or voice acting, music, and all that extra stuff. For me if it has a great story line where it actually took a lot of thought and practice into it to make the game great then that's what I look for most. I also have taken a fancy to those hidden easter eggs in games to the point where Borderlands 2 just made me laugh and smile and remember video games I have played in the past or still do play (Minecraft). Story is what makes a game great in my opinion. If you have a good one then nothing else matters. Well I guess the controls and it properly working matters to. But lets not get nit-picky.

Sorry for making this dragging this on reader. You must have not had a lot of time if you read this whole thing. But needless to say, I do appreciate it and hope you remember your gaming origins and past times. I know I always will. I love video games as a passionate hobby of mine. I'm a bit weird about it sometimes, but I'm still down to earth about everything in the real world at the same time. Thanks for reading and Happy Gaming.