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Best of 2010

lordbazuco: Best of 2010

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  • An unbelievably amazing experience throughout. An intriguing, compelling story, a wide variety of areas, and an amazing cast of characters and voice actors make this My game of the year

  • More than just the wonderful multi-player experience it was drummed up to be. This is the best Assassin's Creed title ever. It improves on everything from the previous title, and even has an amazing story to boot. You know, if the neck stabbing wasn't enough.

  • I have never been a fan of Halo, but this game turned me into a believer. With a solo campaign that was actually really good, an amazingly improved multi-player, and the incredible forge mechanics, this game has enough to offer to keep any 1st person shooter lover something to play for months to come.

  • One of the most immersive story driven games I have ever played through. Even though the story may be some what cliche, and the controls may be kinda hard to get used to, it was still worth palyign every minute of

  • A great xbox title, that delivered greatly on atmosphere, and story. While the combat may have been repetitive, the story constantly pushed you forward, and the intrigue was great enough to ignore the camera angles.

  • The end all of music games. With the addition of the keyboard, and real instruments, there isn't really anywhere to go from here. This game is the music genre at its best.

  • Treyarch really comes to shine with this installment of Call of Duty. With a bat shit crazy and intense single player, and a re-amped multi-player mode, you will come for the online shooting and stay for the zombies.

  • Removes the stealth necessity the previous titles had, and turns this into a fast paced shooter, making you feel like Sam Fisher is a bad ass all the way through. With an interesting story for both single and co-op modes, this game has a lot to offer.

  • Probably one of the best downloadable titles I have ever purchased. A beautiful and atmospheric game, this puzzle platformer is a must play

  • A definite jewel of a game from the Japanese company platinum games. This ridiculous fighting game is both fun and visual striking. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to play a game thats off the walls crazy.