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Best of 2009

lordofultima: Best of 2009

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  • This game snuck into my list at the bookend of the year, and instantly grabbed my number two spot on this list. The story and set-pieces are absolutely amazing, and the characters in the game are are believable and humorous. The shooting and second half of the game sort of turns an amazing game into a great game, but whatever.

  • I went pretty hardcore into this game when I bought it, 100%'ing it in two days. I loved the first Assassin's Creed so it's obvious that I would love the sequel even more. This fixes a couple things that bothered me with the first game, and other than the sometimes strict time-limits on missions, I have nothing bad to say about this game. I love traversing the games beautiful environments, and the way everything ties into the futuristic world Desmond resides in is awesome.

  • Do you like Diablo? Then say hello to more Diablo! Torchlight is like if Diablo and World of Warcraft had a baby. It has a similar art style to WoW, one-town structure/dungeon like Diablo 1, even golden question/exclamation marks over peoples heads. There are several renovations for the clicking loot-grabbing genre here as well, such as a pet that will go back to town and sell items for you automatically. A fantastic game with a good soundtrack.

  • Left 4 Dead 2 is a game that I haven't played much this year, but is exceptional at the same time. I love all the variety of multiplayer modes, and can't wait to finally get some hardcore time with survival mode and try to get some gold medals. The characters are fine, although not quite the caliber of L4D1's. Rochelle has an annoying death scream that makes me want to let her die so I don't have to hear it, but that's just me.

  • Modern Warfare 2 gets a spot for it's amazing single-player campaign, make no mistake. I like the multiplayer a lot, it's generally really fun whether I'm owning or getting owned, and the leveling system with perks and all that junk has been improved, but that was not the reason I bought the game. I bought it for the quick and exciting solo campaign, and that it is. Amazing set-pieces around every corner in this game, it completely blew my mind.

  • I've still never finished this game, my goal was to do it this year, and now since that is not happening, maybe I can finish it before FFXIII. I have loved the Star Ocean series forever pretty much, and this game is definitely Star Ocean. The active battle system, private actions, hidden dungeons, crazy stat buffing, and spaceship stuff is all there. The characters are all super un-interesting to me, as well as the story however. This has probably prevented me from finishing the game.

  • I only played this game briefly (at a kiosk in GameStop while at the MW2 midnight release no less) But just my friend Rick and I taking turns on deaths brought back fond memories of Super Mario Bros. 3. I can only imagine how insane and fun it would be to play this game in 4-player co-op, which hopefully I'll get to experience sometime soon.

  • I haven't gotten the chance to play Dragon Age: Origins, since I realized I only played like eight games in total this year, I thought I'd throw it up here to give it some props. I do plan to play it soon, on the PC of course, but for now lets call this a courtesy number 9.

  • Much like Dragon Age: Origins, I never played the retail version of inFAMOUS, although I wish I had more money because I'm sure the game would be on my top 10 list. The demo was fantastic and I love open world games, and I'm sure I'll play it at some point in the near future. For now, a courtesy bump to number 10.