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Enjoyable and simplistic multiplayer fun 0

Battlefield Heroes is a new third-person shooter developed by DICE. It’s a free download supported by a micro-transaction system. The goal of these “free-to-play” games is to attract you with a free game and then allow you to purchase avatar items and upgrades for your character. Battlefunds is the currency used to ‘rent’ weapons and avatar items for a limited amount of time. You can buy these Battlefunds through PayPal and most credit cards are supported as well.You start off by creating and cu...

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Far from memorable, but good nonetheless 0

Wolfenstein is a first person shooter developed by a collaboration of Raven Software, id Software, Pi Studios, and Endrant Studios. It is based in World War II Germany, but thanks to bizarre gameplay mechanics and story twists, the game is much more unique than just another WWII shooter. The Wolfenstein franchise is somewhat of a cornerstone for the FPS genre. My experience with the franchise prior to starting up this game consisted only ofReturn To Castle Wolfenstein, which is a game I played a...

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