Another 'first blog' blog.

Oh hai. 
It's pretty late, (or early?) in the morning as I'm writing this. I've been awake for 15 hours now. I've been playing some great Left 4 dead 2 and Super Street Fighter IV on my nice new Xbox 360 slim. They've both been a blast to play and I think I'm fairly used to using the analog stick for my fighting games as opposed to the D-pad on PS3. 


(Tekken 6 nerdage ahead. Fairly ye be warned.) 

I've been thinking difficult thoughts about Tekken lately. Mostly about the fact that I'm considering giving up on my girl Zafina. The guys over at the chatroom FFFFFFFFFFF are telling me that I shoudn't do it, and reminding me how long it took to get her where she is now, but I'm at the point where I don't think I can get any better with her. I mained her despite her place as the second worst character in the game and felt proud at my multitude of wins using her. But where I am now, she's metaphorically 'getting old', and her badness is actually getting in the way now. I realised if someone knows Zafina pretty well, your basically screwed. Being she's THE unsafest character in the game, there's rarely any moves that aren't risky, and those moves suck.  So should I 
A: Give up on Zaf and aim to main my second best, Raven? 
B: Continue using Zaf and hope to find a cure for her suckiness? Or 
C: Give up on Tekken altogether. 

(Tekken 6 nerdage FINISH) 
My Rose has gotten good! I know he won't admit it but I know he loved my sweet comboz. Still can't finish her damn trials though. Damn focus cancels... Still trying to find my ideal second best. I'd like someone rare and safe. Any suggestions? 
I need new games for my Xbox. Suggestions? I'm an avid fighter fan so unless there's a really underground and really good fighting game you know about and I don't, don't bother posting any of those since I'm probably already going to buy em'.   
Persona 4 endurance run! 21 episodes left!  
Eh, I guess I'm done for now. Cheers!