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My Top Ten Games of 2023

2023 was a pretty fantastic year, all things considered. It's incredible how much my mental health has improved since getting away from certain people who treated me terribly and forming great/stable friendships with some awesome new people. My comrades and I went through many co-op multiplayer games this year and made a lot of amazing memories/inside jokes together - EDF!!, Monster Hunter Rise, Nioh 2, Stardew Valley, the list goes on and on and on.

A lot of my time was spent playing multiplayer games with my buddies (Elden Ring seamless co-op was the highlight of the year), but I still found time for some great 2023 releases as well.

List items

  • Truly a game for the ages. My time in the Forgotten Realms was something else. The entire cast is great, the performances are riveting and the writing is just stellar. Combat is dynamic and a lotta fun as well. Co-op is a blast with good friends. This is Larian's magnum opus and I can't recommend this game enough.

  • A damn fine remake that honestly surpasses the original for me. It hits the right balance between the goofyness and dark horror of the original. I had no issues with any of the new performances, the new Wasker sounds great imo. Mercenaries is a lotta fun too.

  • Dead Space is back, baybeeee! Looks amazing, plays great, Isaac talks now and comes up with engineering plans. I love that they took elements from 2 (my favorite DS) and added it into the story in smart ways. I feel like some of the new performances are worse though, which is a shame. Overall, an amazing remake and I hope they remake 2 in this way soon!

  • Wonderful "open-world" Star Wars game/sequel. I like it even more than Fallen Order and I thought that game was pretty good as well. Shame that it suffers from technical issues and a sort of lame twist near the end of it's story, but the journey itself is a blast.

  • Finally, a Telltale style game in the Star Trek universe. It comes with the same caveats that these sorts of choice based games usually run into aka the choices don't really matter in the end. It's a shame, because the story presented here is exciting and fun and it goes on long enough that it can almost be seen as a new "season" of Star Trek. Some of the characters are terribly written, but most of them are pretty enjoyable. Plus Jonathan Frakes/William Riker is in this game, so, enough said.

  • This is the most that I've played a Street Fighter game in forever and it's great. The new adventure mode was addictive and fun, sort of like a "Yakuza-lite" experience.

  • Kind of an incredible detective game that really makes you feel like an actual detective. I had some cases that really went places and a case board that made it look like I was about to go on a long rant about Pepe Silvia. It still needs a bit more time in the oven, but it's already something special.

  • I've had some of the hardest laughs this year playing this game with various friends. It's a lotta goofy fun - I just wish there was a bit more content, but what is there is a boomboxin' good time!

  • The Phantom Liberty expansion + 2.0 update really reinvigorated what was already a great game.

  • Eh, well, here it is. I don't hate Starfield. I'm not gonna write a 6 hour YouTube analysis video on all the reasons it "sucks". At the end of the day, it's alright! Todd's dream game has a lotta problems (bland characters, poor quest design, etc.), but I enjoyed my time with it enough to spend 60+ hours running around and seeing what space had to offer me.