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Playing FF7 Rebirth is giving me the Bad Thought of replaying other FF games.

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278765 Open Roads Game added release date 03/28/24 11:27AM 32 approved
277841 New Game Game it's coming out in April and there's no game page! 03/12/24 07:40AM 0 denied
277493 Berserk Boy Game added release date 03/05/24 09:29AM 30 approved
274720 Fields of Mistria Game filling out the deck and details for Fields of Mistria 01/15/24 08:15PM 70 approved
274644 Momodora: Moonlit Farewell Game added release date 01/14/24 12:19PM 30 approved
274372 Mobile Suit Baba Game add release date 01/11/24 10:36AM 30 approved
274354 Mobile Suit Baba Game filling out game details 01/11/24 10:20AM 18 approved
274115 New Game Game Mobile Suit Baba needs a page 01/08/24 09:26PM 10 approved
272351 Sunshine Heavy Industries Game adding details: date, publisher, developer, platform, genre, theme 11/30/23 05:53PM 40 approved
272070 New Game Game it's a video game that doesn't have a page (the first game from Rocket Rat Games) 11/24/23 02:21PM 10 approved
272066 Cobalt Core Game added developer 11/24/23 01:05PM 2 approved
271343 New Company Company they developed Cobalt Core and need a page 11/10/23 02:12PM 10 approved
271342 New Release Release 11/10/23 02:05PM 10 approved
271341 Cobalt Core Game filling out game details: release date, platforms, publisher, etc. 11/10/23 01:59PM 48 approved
271237 New Game Game it's a new video game and it looks neat 11/08/23 10:00AM 10 approved
269032 Cocoon Game updated release date, added PS4/PS5 as platforms 09/29/23 07:47AM 21 approved
266027 New Company Company they are the developer of Tents and Trees, and need a page 08/07/23 09:56AM 10 approved
265917 Tents & Trees Game added release date, platforms, genre, and a brief description 08/05/23 09:34PM 101 approved
252676 Shiny Shoe Company added a deck and website for Shiny Shoe 02/11/23 02:02PM 32 approved
252675 Inkbound Game filling out the Inkbound details 02/11/23 01:50PM 48 approved
251633 New Game Game it's an upcoming game, announced months ago, and doesn't have a page! 02/02/23 04:02PM 10 approved
244452 Yoko Shimomura Person added Sparks of Hope as one of her works 12/05/22 07:32PM 2 approved
244451 Gareth Coker Person added a deck, additional games he has composed, and a website for Gareth Coker 12/05/22 07:25PM 29 approved
240406 Slice & Dice Game -expanded the deck description -added Mac platform 11/02/22 06:10PM 17 approved
233496 Trombone Champ Game linking developer and publisher to Trombone Champ 09/25/22 11:49AM 4 approved
233304 New Company Company Holy Wow Studios made Trombone Champ 09/24/22 04:18PM 10 approved
233298 New Release Release 09/24/22 04:08PM 10 approved
233294 Trombone Champ Game adding release date, platform, and genre to Trombone Champ 09/24/22 03:55PM 34 approved
232770 New Game Game it's a video game! and it doesn't have a page on the site! 09/21/22 02:58PM 10 approved
200463 Iris and the Giant Game Adding Switch platform 03/20/22 01:35PM 2 approved
166390 Dark Deity Game Adding general info: date, platform, genre 06/25/21 03:29PM 38 approved
166015 New Game Game It's a game on Steam! 06/23/21 06:35PM 10 approved
156760 Wilmot's Warehouse Game Adding Xbox One platform 04/12/21 06:08PM 2 approved
117864 Ballz Game 06/08/20 08:49PM 38 approved
117791 New Game Game It's a phone game I've played, and it's not on the site! 06/08/20 08:21AM 10 approved
117314 TetraVex Game 06/04/20 04:50PM 51 approved
922 My Name is You Game Adding date, platform, publisher 05/14/18 09:12AM 34 approved