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My 3DS Rant

Are you excited about the 3DS? Have you already put down your $250 at your local GameStop? It seems like everyone I talk to personally is piloting the bandwagon for this thing. So am I alone in wondering what the big deal is? Am I just a jaded, pessimistic person? Actually, that part may be true regardless. But really, I just can't seem to get excited about this. 

My first point of contention... Why is no one up in arms about the lack of a second analog stick...nub...disc...thing? For six years now (holy shit, it's been six years), the first thing you hear out of someone's mouth when complaining about the PSP is the lack of a second analog. You know damn well if Sony had debuted the NGP without one, people would've rioted in the streets. Yet when I bring up this problem about the 3DS, people argue that the touch screen alleviates this issue. I gotta call bullshit on that one. Even Nintendo gave up on that ridiculous wrist-strap-thumb-strap-nub thing that was included with the original DS. Did you ever try to play Mario 64 with that thing?  
Secondly, it would be nice if we knew what the hell we were getting on day one. We're almost a month away from launch. And this ten week "launch window" bullshit is simply insane. I'm sure Street Fighter IV is good. You know why? Because I've already bought it...twice! I don't really have any desire to play it again regardless of the StreetPass features. The only time I'll likely ever be able to utilize the StreetPass stuff is at PAX once or twice a year anyway. Scrolling through online retailers list of games, I don't really see anything worth getting, which brings me to my last point. 
Why the hell is Nintendo trying to sell us this thing by showing us Nintendo 64 games? I love Star Fox 64, but they sold us the original DS on portable N64 games! That was seven years ago. SEVEN! Am I really supposed to be excited about playing portable versions of games that I played 14 years ago?
I know I'll get one eventually, I just don't see the point any time soon. Could someone enlighten me here?