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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Demo, what do you think?

So, I downloaded the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit demo tonight and it is pretty good. It is short but I enjoyed it. Criterion and EA have given a taste of the game and a taste of the AutoLog feature they are talking about alot. in fact the AutoLog and your friends are a large part of the demo. To play the racer portion of the demo, not the cop part, you must have someone on your friend's list who has also downloaded and played the demo, interesting... 
I think it is a little inconvenient, but I do think it is unique and will probably help to reinforce to players the online features and friend challenges the game wil have. What do you think?
I downloaded it on the PS3. Anyone want to be my friend? My PSN ID is marmaladebrat, send me a friend request. Thanks!