Stuck in Europe

In Europe

Well, my name is Gregg and I am a pretty big fan of the Giant Bomb web site and the podcast. I am typically checking the web site on a daily basis for new videos from the crew, new reviews on the web site in general and reading and checking out the forums. I work for a Dutch company in New York City. I listen to teh podcast on the train into New York City often too. Every once in a while I must go in to the company's headquarters in the Netherlands, once or twice a year. It is typically a nice experience because I get to stop in Amsterdam and I like to travel for the most part. 
My latest trip to the Netherlands was going well. I got a day in Amsterdam and went to the Anne Frank House, a surreal experience being in the actual rooms that Anne Frank and her family and the van Pelts actually hid in, and wandered around the city. I even had a nice lunch in a cafe in the city. That afternoon I headed off with a colleague on the train to s' HertogenBosch (Den Bosch in english), a smaller Dutch city nearby my compny's headquarters is.  
The next couple of days were full of meetings and catching up with Dutch co-workers. Overall a very nice experience. I heard about the volcano in Iceland on Wednesday but did not think much of it.  I also continued to visit and started taking part in some of the quests. I even started to edit the Wiki as part of the quest system too.  I did some silly little edits to get some quest points; Parappa The Rapper and Neo Geo Pocket and Bandai.

Stuck in Europe

 Then on Thursday night my flight out of the Netherlands on Friday afternoon was cancelled. 
The next morning I spoke to the company's travel agency and Continental Airlines. I was rescheduled to fly out by Continental on Sunday. Well, guess what happened? On Saturday afternoon that flight was cancelled too.  
Disheartened and not in a good mood in a small city with few shops open in the Netherlands, I ended up spending a good part of Sunday on Giant Bomb and on the Wiki. To keep myself busy and my mind off the miserable situation I ended up editing a bunch of Wiki pages; Swordquest EarthWorld, FireWorld, WaterWorld and AirWorld from the Atari 2600 days. 

Giant Bomb Wiki

Now it is Tuesday and I am still stuck in the Netherlands. I was supposed to be here five days and am now here nine days.  
Giant Bomb's Wiki has kept me busy and sane which is great. Thanks guys.  I have now gone on to create a Jack Tramiel page on the wiki and have added some much needed information to the Scott Adams text adventure games Adventureland, Pirate Adventure and Secret Mission
I am also thankful that I have a hotel room about an hour away from Amsterdam. There are people out there that have it much worse than me, that are stuck in airports with no hotel rooms.    Or do not have simple pleasures like good co-workers that are helping like I have or even internet access to keep in touch with family. I am hopeful for all those people who have it worse than me.  
Thanks for taking the time to read this and wish me luck in getting home soon.