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Video Games and flea markets

Today was a beautiful day for visiting the flea market at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. It was probably around 50 degrees and sunny out, after many many cold wet days in New York and New Jersey. The girlfriend and me picked up coffee and egg sandwiches at the QuikChek on our way to the flea market. The coffee was free becuase the girlfriend had some coupons. She is the best. We got a good parking spot after the short drive to the Meadowlands. I think we arrived around 10:00AM. 
We went right to all the rows of people selling older stuff. Sometimes these vendors look like they just picked up their garage sale or estate sale and brought it to the flea market. There are also some specialty vendors among the used sellers, selling old stereo equipment, old vintage clothes, old knives and kitchenware and one or two hobbyist collectible vendors selling old video games, records and tapes, comic books and more. 
Walking around looking for old video games it was slim pickings at the beginning. We did not see much at first. So I kept my eyes open. There are always some vendors who do not know what they have. There was a gentleman who had various garage sale type items; old dinnerware, tools, home electronics and alot of old remote control cars. Sitting on a blanket were just two old NES games; Friday the 13th and R.C Pro AM. I guess he had the one game because he or someone was interested in R.C. cars. I checked out the games and the contacts were in good shape. I offered him $2, a dollar for each. He bawked and said $5 each. I asked if he could do any better and he would not budge on price, so I put them down on his blanket he had laid down on the ground and walked away. No sale for him.  
We walked on. Me and the girlfriend kept our eyes open for other vendors selling old video games. There are always people selling old Playstation and Playstaion 2 discs. They are always scratched and in the wrong cases. Sometimes we look, but typically we go through them real quick and move on. Today was another day like that. Then we came up on a man selling old toys, action figures and two SNES systems, but no games. Strange. A fex steps away was an older woman with some games and dols and other odd and ends, including some Genesis games. We went through the small bin of Genesis games and found Somic & Knuckles intact with the flip-top lock-on to connect the other Sonic game. She only wanted $1. Score!  
We walked on and eventually found one of the vendors selling lots of old video games. We looked through several of their bins of NES, SNES, N64 and Genesis games, then even had some old Atari 5200 carts mixed in. The girlfriend picked out Donkey Kong 64 and also found a perfect pristine copy of the original Metal Gear Solid that looked like it had never been played. I found a copy of Chu Chu Rocket among some Dreamcast and Playstation games. We decided on those games and offered a cheap amount, but the vendor was pretty savvy and asked for $25. Too much, so I asked for $20 and the woman working there agreed.  We walked around and didn't find much more, but made a good haul of games for onlyt $21. 
Has nyone else been doing any shopping of old games?