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  • matatat posted a message on the post Episode 268.

    @mr__kamikaze: Yeah this also happened to me. Forgot about a safe and progressed on and was like crap what did I miss? A guide said there was a manual in the safe and I was wondering if I might be abl...

  • matatat posted a message in the forum topic GiantBomb West Coast Regiment. on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare board

    I'd love to join. I'm looking for people to potentially play Warzone or just regular MP with. Warzone especially because I honestly don't see how people could win with a random team in that game. I'm ...

  • matatat posted a message on the post Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes - Part 1.

    "I'm not convinced Nancy is innocent""Who else might have a motive to burn down the place?""Don't know, don't care"So... you just want to write that Nancy is guilty without really knowing if that's tr...

  • matatat posted a message on the post Premium Video Grab Bag Vol. 1 (Bioforge, Volgarr, CD-I).

    "You've been eating a lot of groceries"I've never heard someone refer to food in general as groceries Hulk Hogan.

  • matatat posted a message on the post Dead Space (05/18/2020).

    @onlineatron said: folks, this game is NOT scary.I was the biggest horror baby when i played it at launch and was able to get through it no problem.Yeah it’s gruesome, and loud, and really wants to m...

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  • matatat posted a message on the post Episode 015.

    How did no one react to that great little scream at 1:19:06?