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Will play most anything: 1/31/12

Welcome randomness fans! Bet you didn't see this one coming...


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Seriously. It cannot be overstated just how much damn fun I had with this game. I play a lot of my games on PC, including this one, simply by virtue of the fact that I like steam so much. I'm normally not too much for games like this, but the GB crew's ramblings on this game eventually won me over and I knew I had to try it out after the game of the year deliberations. I'm so glad I did.

Seriously though, if you use this site, than you are probably already aware of the awesomeness of this game. The stupid grin that I had on my face from the crazy happenings coupled with the witty dialogue kept me playing it all till it was done. But like Ryan, I was sad when it ended, I want more of this game! I did buy the season pass, so I hope that I'll get some good content in the future so I can justify going back and cleaning up all the stuff left to do (Genki Bowl didn't count unfortunately).

I think that the PC is the way to go with this game too, I thought the shooting felt pretty good, it was easy to make headshots and the like, but I could see the combat being a bit frustrating until you get going on the upgrade stuff. Especially if you get the morningstar to mad before you have exploding pistol rounds, those helicopters are a total drag to take down until then. After that point though, the insane amount of upgrading you do until you are an invincible behemoth of never-needing to reload destruction is loads of fun. Gotta say though, I wish I could just keep reloading the gun like you could with the typewriter machine-gun in Resident Evil 4. I'm a sucker for reloading animations. (Yup that's me, mattscout007, Sucker for romance stories and reloading animations).

That said, my stupid PC has some horrible...something...that's causing it to hitch up and stutter every once and a while. It's a result of a rogue svchost process that spikes in CPU usage for no reason, and me and all my tech-minded friends cannot figure out what the hell is wrong. Despite said hitching occuring every 10 minutes or so, I still played the entirety of Saints Row the Third and loved it. That's how good it is!

And you fly a VTOL Jet. Yeah. Go play the game.

See, I told you I'd play most anything!


Anyways, I keep playing around more with Katawa Shoujo (Help meeeee), yet I've still managed to not get any of the bad endings on purpose yet. I hate sad endings I suppose, but since I've played this much already, I'll probably go get them anyway eventually (the skip feature is nice for getting through what you've already read, I used that for Act 1 when I was getting the other character's stories). I've also been listening to the music from the game, you can download the soundtrack from the developer blog for the game which you can find pretty easily with a simple google search. I'm warming up to it more and more as I listen to it, it's nice background music for working on homework, and the breadth is impressive considering that the people who worked on it received no funds whatsoever for this. Heck, the whole game is of astonishing quality for something that nobody is making any money off of. Kudos to them! Also the name Enigmatic Box of Sound for the soundtrack is excellent.

Been meaning to play more of Devil Survivor: Overclocked on my 3DS as of late. I got a good jump on it over winter break and I really liked it, but haven't been playing it much what with school and all. That and Persona 4, and Persona 3 Portable I need to finish still. Damn you Shin Megami Tensei series and your time sinks! And yes, it's the fault of the Endurance Run that I even looked at these games ever. Damn you Giantbomb!

I managed to get a friend hooked on Spacechem I think. Pretty pleased about that. The one sentence description of "Puzzle game about chemistry" doesn't exactly get people excited, but as long as they give it a shot and are of the right mindset, they'll get hooked. Or they'll give up really fast when it becomes complicated. One or the other I suppose.

Back to schoolwork!