LittleBigPlanet first impressions

I was able to pick up LittleBigPlanet yesterday, and every since I have been addicted.  The levels are so great, story or online, I love the sound in this game, weather it be the soundtrack or just the noise your sackperson makes when you "try again".  Everything just seems so polished.  The only real downside to this game is the fact that they throw all of this at you at the beginning and I just sat there and didn't know what to do first.  Also, after trying the levels online and in the story, they are so good it almost makes me not even want to try to build a level, because I know they will never be that good.

So there are my first impressions of LittleBigPlanet, I expect to be blogging alittle more on this game, because I see myself playing this game for a long time. And if any of you want to play some co-op add me on PSN: Redsocks10



I guess I would go back and play my old games to get trophies, mainly because I still like my old games. Now would I go back to play a game that I hated playing, probably not.  I tend to stay away from the bad games though.


Stat Update for the database.

Well I was a little late posting this one, but during the past week I have tried to see how much stuff is added from last Sunday to this Sunday.

Characters (added): 3,603
Companies: 54
Concepts: 1,250
Games: 1,307
Images: 147,381
Locations: 792
People: 286
Platforms: 0
Realeases: 922
Objects: 844

The way this site is growing is amazing, a big shout out to all those mods that have had to approve all of this stuff at the speed of light.


Let's see...

I really think the only thing I want to see is the ability to post the PSN ID  Gamertag and Friend Code so it is easy to see.


"No more images to moderate! I kid you not!"

Wow, after a week and two days the image moderation tool has gotten the image queue down to 0!!!  Two days ago it was around the 20,000 mark.  Images should be approved much much faster now thanks to those hard working mods.  And I advise everyone to drop by and use the crowd moderation tool for 10 minutes whenever you can, as that will keep those turn around times low.

Oh and I hope my 5,800 moderations helped along way. 


Site Stats update

Yesterday around midnight, I looked at the site stats located on the home page they looked like this:

  • Characters: 1,600
  • Companies: 6,110
  • Concepts: 266
  • Games: 21,037
  • Images: 206,318
  • Locations: 234
  • People: 89,608
  • Platforms: 90
  • Releases: 46,180
  • Objects: 211
Now, around the same time, I look on the home page to see these stats:
  • Characters: 2,301 (701+)
  • Companies: 6,139 (29+)
  • Concepts: 404 (138+)
  • Games: 21,187 (150+)
  • Images: 225,019 (18,701+!)
  • Locations: 348 (114+)
  • People: 89,626 (18+)
  • Platforms: 90 (0+)
  • Releases: 46,261 (81+)
  • Objects: 320 (109+)

And this is on a Sunday! This site never stops amazing me, big ups to all those mods approving all of these submissions.  I just wish I would've kept these stats from the lauch, as we would've seen mind blowing numbers.  Let's hope this momentum keeps up until we have the biggest video game database on the web!

Giant Bomb is blowing up!!!

Wow, I just looked at the stats for this site on Alexa and this site has taken off the past few days, and for good reason.   This site is great and very addicting, good job to the entire staff, keep this going, and DON'T BLOW IT!! ;-)

1 Comments First Impressions

So it has finally landed..., when I first loaded up the site and signed up I wondered "What should I do first?". There was the database, the forum, my profile, the walkthrough, and everything else. I found myself addicted to looking through the games and helping edit some of them. Everything seems to be connected and I like that. I could see myself coming here a lot more than other sites. Especially since this is just a beta, the site can only get better.