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Best of 2010

Maxx2029: Best of 2010

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  • Loved the story, characters and the universe Bioware has created. And I really enjoyed the shooting and action mechanics of the game.

  • I really enjoyed this updated version of Civilization. I felt the streamlining was done in the correct places and the game remained as addictive as ever.

  • Vegas seems like the perfect setting for Fallout game. Really liked the story.

  • Very much the continuation of the previous games, but still very good. The art style and story is fun to watch and the puzzles seem to be just the correct difficulty.

  • Probably the only game where I have played the online multiplayer a lot more than the single player game.

  • Amazing story, so and so gameplay. This is one of those times when the storytelling carries the game.

  • Not a big fan of the DMC series, but Bayonetta seems to do everything right.