Jeff Ghostman and Friends

I'm prone to having some seriously bizarre dreams, like one where my cousin was kidnapped and turned into a brain in a jar, forced to listen to music he didn't like while I went on a roaring rampage of revenge to kill the team of disco-dancing scientists who took his body. It ended in a boxing match with a multi-headed octopus on top of a rocket heading out into space. I woke up before knowing the result of that one.
There was this one that involved the GiantBomb staff, but everyone had different names and given weird attributes. Jeff Gerstmann was Jeff Ghostman, a spirit medium who could channel the spirits of still-living videogame developers (which should be really, really handy for interviews).  Vinny Caravella was Vinny Carnival, a contortionist who involuntarily bends into strange shapes whenever he's seen on-camera.  As for Brad, he was Drab Shoeman, who had shoes instead of hands. Ryan Davis was Frymaster Daves, who had the amazing ability to cook anything and make it edible, including headlamps. Drew was nowhere to be seen in that dream, because he was invisible.
In that dream I was watching them in a video, a Mailbag video with the subtitle 'Ghostman Explosion Edition'. Jeff Ghostman received a package with a warning label: "Nuke inside, eat with caution." Before opening the box with an axe, he suddenly channeled various videogame developers all at once, screaming with panicked voices of souls that suddenly found themselves trapped in a stranger's body. At that point Vinny Carnival showed up in the form of a human starfish, shouting something about a 'Litany of Profanities'. Then Drab Shoeman appeared, carrying a scroll. He read the scroll out loud, shouting curses in English, Spanish and Malay to drive out the spirits from Ghostman's body.
Ghostman was in control of himself again, and thanked Drab and Vinny. Frymaster Daves showed up, carrying a microwave oven while munching on what looked like a deep-fried headlamp. After a short exchange of greetings and discussions about sending emails to apologize to various game developers, Ghostman finally opened the package. The only thing inside was a dead salmon.
Frymaster promptly took the fish and shoved it into his microwave, which somehow turned on despite not being plugged into anything at all. After a minute, the video ended with a nuclear explosion.
I woke up at that moment.
Anyone else ever had any weird dreams related to GiantBomb?