Why I like the games industry now more than ever.

Dude, not listening to you right now.
Dude, not listening to you right now.

Well, this is rather exciting.  My very first blog post on THE Giant Bomb.  I've been really excited about this particular website ever since the fallout of They Who Must Not Be Named.  The Bombcast really put me over the edge towards realizing that Giant Bomb was going to be the biggest and best video game website on the internet.  That's all obvious though, so no need to go into detail about that.

The point is, this is the best time to be a gamer, and I think most players are too jaded to realize this.  It's easy to get jaded, it's a business, and businesses naturally tick people off in more ways than one.

I just know that the quality of games is really high, and I feel like I've played my favorite games of all time in just the past few years.  To name a few, I'd list Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Resistance: Fall of Man, Grand Theft Auto: All Of Them, Need For Speed Before It Lost It's Stride, Burnout: Paradise.  It's amazing when you think about it.  None of these games would have been possible to even exist before the PlayStation era.

What I really like about the games industry now, though - that would have to be the openness of it all.  There's nothing fun about being on the outside looking in.  Up until only a few years ago, the only source of video game information was your favorite magazine, like EGM (I still love EGM, don't worry).  Now, with podcasts, by-the-minute blogs, Q and A's, and all that, developers have the fans to answer to - FINALLY.

Basically, developers aren't allowed to make bad games anymore.  They can't get away with "Cabela's Bass Pro Fishing Tournament 2009" (Rated T for Teen) anymore, because it will go on their permanent record.  Consumers will flood their inboxes with hate mail for making such crap, and they will never live it down.  You can't make mistakes any more if you are making a big budget game, and marketing it like it's The Second Coming.

I don't want my first blog post to be the longest, I need to save my energy.  Plus, I should probably get back to playing those games sometime soon.

Thanks for reading.