The Road to Mel is Paved with Games 5:10

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Plants vs. Zombies!

Yes, I am late to the game on a LOT of games.  But there are some games that I am right on top of the shiz!    So I have to admit.. prior to this last week or so, the only Plants vs. Zombies I'd ever played was the World of Warcraft version:
See?  Looks pretty similar to the original doesn't it? 
See?  Looks pretty similar to the original doesn't it? 
Though I did have a blast with the WoW version.  So this past week when I got bored of current games and was snooping through Steam, I came across Plants vs Zombies and decided I needed to try it.  After just 10 minutes out of the 60 minute demo, I decided I had to buy it.  And I had fun with my little game.  Kept me entertained for quite a while.  Of course, making your own zombatar is only part of the fun, and considering the recent headlines in the news, I thought my zombatar was only appropriate:
(Not actually mine - but close to what mine looks like) 
(Not actually mine - but close to what mine looks like) 
How long does it take before you can open up the other gameplay modes?  I was close to reaching the pool section, but still couldn't mess with the other modes.  Poop!
Ah well, puzzle games can only keep me interested for so long anyway.  I'll probably come back to it.  But I've moved on to something else.

Damn you SOE!

Over the weekend, I wanted to play something with loot.  Fancy new armor and weapons.  Crafting.  Whatever.  But I wasn't interested in playing Sacred 2 with the hubby.  I wanted.  I decided I'd play some EQ2X (the free, microtransaction version of Everquest II).  Or so I thought.  When I clicked my shortcut for it, instead of the Station Launcher or whatever it is I get, I got a nice message from Sony saying blah blah we're really sorry but Sony Online Entertainment is still down.  Fine.  Guess I'll just go play something else.
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But this made me curious, so yesterday I did some searching.  Turns out that Sony doesn't expect Playstation Network (and maybe SOE also) to be back up and running until at least May 31st.  That will make it a six-week outage, and that's if it doesn't go longer.  I'm guessing there was probably already a bunch of talk about this yesterday.  But I wasn't around yesterday, so forgive me.  You know, I'm starting to really hope that Sony does offer all their customers subscriptions to credit monitoring services.  I could really use that.  I almost feel bad for Sony.  Almost.  Not quite though.  I'm still a little bitter about how high and mighty they thought they were.  Back when the PS3 was new, there was an interview with one of the big Sony people, and the interviewer asked if they were concerned because they were putting their product out there at a fairly more expensive price than the other consoles.  Sony said "We're Sony.  People will buy our product."  Ever since then, I've had trouble supporting Sony.

Off to the next game!

So I still needed something to fill that urge.  Loot, quest grinding, character creation, etc.  So I turned to my other free MMO option:  Guild Wars.  I think I mentioned in a past blog that I finally bought Guild Wars.  It didn't really scratch the itch then, but this weekend it did.  And the funny thing about that, is that my husband started playing too over the weekend.  I'm currently working on the following toons:

Paragon/(maybe monk)

So the game is scratching that itch, but there are things I"m still confused about.  Like how you get from the lands in one expansion to another.  And... just other stuff I guess.  But I'm enjoying it for now.

Steam, and Thank You GB!

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So I just wanted to put a little blurb in here about Steam, and how Giant Bomb helped me see the light.  You see, I never had a need for Steam before.  And back when my husband got Empire: Total War and it required Steam, I thought that was one of the most ridiculous things I'd ever heard.   I was not shy about my dislike for Steam here at GB as some of you may recall.  But I will humbly admit, I was going off old (and biased) information.  I've come to love Steam, even if I hate it for the ease of buying games that sometimes I wish I didn't have.

The Top Secret Project

Last week I had made a comment about opening up a certain "business."  A few people here seemed really on board with that idea.  Well, expect to see something in the near future!  That's all I'll say for now.
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