Twenty-Chagrin: Pile of Shame '16

You all know what this is. I write a new one every year: a list of games that I couldn't find time for in the previous year, and so have added to this year's agenda. With the vast amount of brilliant games from 2015, I suspect I'll still be plugging through everyone's recent GOTY picks for the foreseeable future. In that spirit, this list is split up into three parts:

  • Games labelled with a [B] (for "Backlog") are presently owned by me. A few I'm already partway through, but the majority have yet to be started. It would not be frugal of me to buy too many new games with all these left to enjoy.
  • Games labelled with a [W] (for "Wishlist") are 2015 games that I've been convinced that I need to check out by the spirited GOTY arguments of the staffers, guests and community members on this site. I make no promises that I will own them all by the end of this year, but I'll be periodically upgrading "W"s to "B"s as they become available.
  • Games labelled with a [C] (for "Completed") are, naturally, games from this list that I eventually beat in 2016. The date of completion is included.

If there's a 2015 game you feel I must play that isn't on this list or last year's "Games Beaten", be sure to recommend it in the comments.

List items