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Top Ten Favorite Games I Played In 2012

Look, I'm really bad at keeping up with games that come out throughout the year. I just don't have the money. So instead of making a list of games that came out this year, I thought I would make a list of games that I played over the course of the year that I thought were awesome. And though a couple of them came out this year, most of them didn't, so I hope you enjoy my completely irrelevant list.

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  • If you told me a year ago that an adventure game based on a franchise that I didn't care too much about was going to become one of my favorite games, I would think you're insane. But there's no denying that The Walking Dead crafts a story full of characters that you grow to care about. This was the first time I actually cried at a game's conclusion, and anything that's able to move me like this deserves the praise, regardless of any frame rate issues or bugs that I came across along the way. I just wonder how Telltale could ever follow this up.

  • I got my girlfriend into Giant Bomb's Endurance Run this past year, and watching it made me really want to play a Persona game. Having played Persona 3 before four, I came to really appreciate all the improvements and fixes they made in the sequel. The addicting JRPG gameplay matched an unforgettable, colorful cast of characters makes it such a joy to play, and an unforgettable experience overall. Those who disagree can go get bent.

  • They made a huge ass Arkham game. And if you liked Arkham Asylum, it'll be easy to get wrapped up in the word of Arkham City. The combat and stealth sections are just as good as you remember it. And after finishing the main story the other night, I can't wait to go back and explore the city and do a lot more of the side missions. Just like Arkham Asylum, Arkham City successfully captures the feeling of being Batman.

  • It's interesting to play Persona 3 and look at Atlus' first attempt at making an accessible RPG with social components and Persona collecting and fusing and all the jazz. And even though Persona 4 undoubtedly improved everything about the gameplay, Persona 3 is still definitely worth experiencing despite it's few missteps. And Persona 3 taught me a life lesson: "Move ya body, make sure you don't hurt nobody." Thanks, Lotus Juice.

  • The first time I played Rayman Origins, I was simply awestruck by how beautiful it looked and how well it controlled, and that feeling stayed with me as I finished it this year. It's a shame it's follow up is a WiiU exclusive, but if it comes to any other platforms, I'll be first in line to play it. What a fun game.

  • I missed out on playing the original Jak and Daxter when it first came out on the PS2, and playing the PS3 re-release, I could see how some people would be bummed by how Jak 2 turned out. Jak and Daxter has such a cool, rich, and wonderful world that I was happy to explore. It's one of my favorite 3D platformers I played in a while, making me wish more games like this would be made again.

  • Let's just say I had an obsession with rhythm games at the start of this console cycle. I spent way too much money on Rock Band stuff than I really needed to, and thankfully Rock Band Blitz rewarded of me of having so many songs. actually convinced me to buy more songs so I ended up spending more money on Rock Band stuff, even though I don't really play Rock Band Blitz as often now. Damn it, their plan worked. At least I found joy in a refreshing Rock Band experience, even if it was for a brief time.

  • After watching Indie Game: The Movie, I was more than happy to see what Super Meat Boy was all about. I was met with an addicting platformer that only grew more challenging-and rewarding-the more I played. Everything about it is so weird and funny that you can't help but like it, and it frustrates me that I'm having trouble with later parts of the game. Someday I'll finally beat it...

  • I got this on sale around Halloween time to hype myself up for it, and it worked. Not only that, but I found Costume Quest to be a fun, light RPG that had clever writing and humor throughout. The designs of the costumes were all hilarious and worth seeing, though I wish they would've done more with the idea and had some voice acting. But it's still a really fun game if you're in the Halloween mood.

  • I found this in a pawn shop close to where I live, and once I came across it, it was almost an instant buy. Incredible Crisis is completely stupid an crazy in all the right ways, and it's worth seeing if you're able to get past the super frustrating gameplay. Seriously, it's really hard.