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Xbox Indie games that I bought (and you can see if you would want them)

A list of indie games I bought and my thoughts (Mass review?)

The good

Aesop's Garden

 (****-) Aesop's Garden caught my attention with 8bit music and fun looking puzzles. You play as Aesop as he hunts down this dude who planted some weeds in his garden and pissed him off calling him "chump" what a jerk! The game it self is fun as you roam from puzzle to puzzle until after level 10. Level 10 marked the major turn in the games difficulty, suddenly the cute puzzle game throws some pretty mind numbing puzzles and a new feature. Death! now If you screw up your screwed. Overall great game but it gets tough so beware(if you get it PLZ TELL ME HOW TO BEAT LEVEL 15)


Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp (***--)

 Its an average platformer in which you play as johnny I guess?  Before you ask, no there is no biscuit and there is no romping. %% levels of you just jumpin on baddies and getting to the exit, nothing much more to say.

The Bad


Pixel Boarder (*----) The trial for this game does a crazy good job at masking what makes this game terrible. Once i bought it i began playing all the levels it had unlocked but all the ones not in the trial for some reason all the non trial levels glitch and don't work. Also if you play for more then 5 mins on any level the game will lag and you will begin warping down the hill. All of this of course is if you can make it past the new loading bar when bringing the game up which usually takes half an hour. basically the best of this game is in the trial, get the trial NOT THE FULL VERSION.


The Great


Jump (*****) Jump is a jump back to classic arcade, no continues, platforming goodness with splendid graphics and music with a side of humor. There are 30 basic adventure levels and one unlockable level in this game. On your first run you will have to do all 30 of the levels straight because there are no continues or saves but it isn't that long (if your really good probably 30min) then you unlock challenge mode which lets you pick any of the levels too play and asks that you get every coin to pass the challenge, passing all the challenges unlocks the final "Uber"Level.


Pixel (*****) Pixel is a beautiful game in which you play as a curious cat exploring levels, The reason its called pixels other then the fact everything is pixelated is because one of the things you do is check out stuff with an investigate mode and then when you find something you zoom ion and then have to run on the pixels in a sort of maze like area to find an objective/treasure. There are 5 levels each with 3 collectibles but other then that not much but for $3 WORTH IT!

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