Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice

I've got the "finally buying new console hardware at the end of the year" blues. I thought I was going to struggle to get a list of ten this year but thanks to some last minute brute forcing of some games I've finally got it figured out for the most part.

List items

  • Although it is A LOT like it's predecessor, it doesn't change the fact that this is the game I had the most fun with in 2014. You could make the case that this is the best survival horror experience this year. I've never been so terrified of eagle attacks.

  • Everything about the sci-fi back drop of the campaign is just plain cool. The part about it that's less cool is me being shot in the back in a multiplayer match which is frequent.

  • The most laughs I've got out of any game this year. They absolutely nail the art style of the show and should be commended for doing so.

  • Admittedly I'm not a huge fan of the Souls games. While it may not have quite the mystique and intrigue of the previous games' stories I felt the game play was the most satisfying it's ever been, at least for a full spellcaster class.

  • I don't like MEMEs but I really like this game. Hands down one of the most unique games I've played in 2014.

  • The story in this game is duuuuuumb. The gameplay and production values however are undeniable. Turns out it's still a lot of fun to play Diablo.

  • I don't even...what...?

  • The single player elements felt completely phoned in but this was some of the most fun I've had with multiplayer this year.

  • The game play is some of the best it's ever been for the series. It's a shame that the narrative is the weakest part.

  • I have to accept that Capcom is never going to make Power Stone 3 so I'll take what I can get when it comes to goofy arena battle games.