Xbox 360 ring of death

Got my second ring of death now... right when all the good games come out. I must say microsoft gives good service. I had my 360 bach a week after I reported the error. Good thing I had my DS meenwhile. Red Alert 3, Fallout3, Gears 2 here I come!

It can happen to you!
It can happen to you!

Lazy Sunday.

Chillin with my sunday coffee checking out GiantBomb. Found this funny thread:

A bundh of photos with the GB staff edited into them. Check it out. Made my own contribution which you can see below. I'm not so good at photoshop, sorry.

Ryan Cobretti.. Forum Mod.
Ryan Cobretti.. Forum Mod.


Too Human, Battlefield...

Waiting to pick up my car with 400 dollars worth of repairs I got to finish Battlefield: Bad Company. I'm pleasantly suprised by the single player campaign with only a few details like the bad guy, the legionary.. Never really got what he was all about. Anyways.. I also played the Too Human demo. The idea and story is pretty interesting, but the controls and camera are really awful. I know it's just a demo, but I doubt they will make enough changes to make it fun.

I sorted out my games and will be handing them in at blockbuster one of these days. Mainly DS games, some I only played once.

That's it for today..
9pm here and still no car...


Day 2 launch...

Site is loading 10 times faster today. It's much more fun poking around. Submitted some pics, started on my games list ect. I think I will sell most of my collection and just keep the good ones. So many good games are comming out soon, I doubt I will go back to play the older games I have. Just have a small but awesome collection.


My new gaming home

Really good concept. All about having fun with games and communicating with other gamers. The site seems to have kind off a personality. Partly because of the editors and also all the great users here.  Design looks good and the navigation is ok. Just have to get used to it. There is a few bugs like the list feature is not working (at least not for mee) and the site is a bit slow right now. But these things are to be expected. The site is getting mad hit and ofcource it has to be tested out buy a bunch of new users first to iron it out. I will definatly use this site is my home for gaming friends and information.

I really hope the staff change their mind an make a subscriber option. I would gladly pay 10 bucks a month or so. This money I save anyways not having to buy magazines and not buying bad games since I can figure out if the games I am interrested in is for mee here.


Random notes...

First blog post. Checking out how this GiantBomb system works. Must say I am liking it a lot. Looking forward to some great october releases after seeing E3, some great stuff on the way. I heard journalists talk bad about E3, but me as a user I must say I didn't notice the difference. Still got to see a bunch of awesome games and get impressions from my favorite game reporters. For me E3 is still great.