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Completely badass, incredibly dark and immersive. 0

 Let's get this out of the way; Batman is a complete badass. Sure, you comic book fans are now about to send me an angry message saying how Batman is full of morals, so therefore, he is the complete opposite of badass. But dudes, picture this: At the start of the game, a room is filled with noxious gas thanks to the Joker's sadistic work. Two people are hanging off ledges at the top of the room, where the gas is lingering at the bottom. He runs up to the first guy, who is a security guard, and ...

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Siren's atmosphere and unique enemies make it a worthwhile game. 2

Four years ago Sony released a horror title called Siren, which didn't sell very well outside of Japan. Critics bashed the game for it's bad controls, tedious trial-and-error gameplay, and really, it is the sort of game that only the Japanese could appreciate. But it was praised for it's unique "sight-jacking" ability, which let's the player see through the eyes of the enemies, and an intense and scary atmosphere.Siren: Blood Curse is a "re-imagining" of, or rather, an attempt to Westernise the ...

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Terrifying, violent and disturbing. 1

His life is a wreck. Drunk, angry and dying for another drink, he crushes some pills with his glass, brushes the remains into his drink and downs the lot. An unfortunate guy gets his face pummeled in by him after accidentally brushing past him. He is Ethan Thomas, former Serial Crime Unit investigator. Several months after the events of the first game, the Serial Crime Unit want Ethan back. Another serial killer is on the lose, and Ethan is the only man for the job.Unfortunately for Ethan, the l...

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MGS4 blurs the line between cinematography and gameplay. 1

Metal Gear Solid has always been praised (and sometimes bashed) by it's long cutscenes, movie-style cinematography and mind bending plot twists. Metal Gear Solid 4 continues this trend by not only reaching this goal, but by blasting it into hyper-space. But what hasn't been done well in a Metal Gear Solid game is a perfect control system, an in-depth and varied gameplay and intense action, to which Metal Gear Solid 4 not only improves upon these elements, but perfects them.Snake's final chapter ...

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