Indie Reviews: Robots Switched Loot

Slim pickings this week, but just as well: between Easter & Tax Day, I could use a breather. Here's what I played this week (links lead to reviews):

3SwitcheD: Was finally able to write a review for this. Summarized it last week, will summarize it again: don't buy this.

Hack, Slash, Loot: A Rogue-like that's too simple, its difficulty relies on Random Number Generator too much. A bad deal compared to Dungeons of Dredmor or Nethack.

Shoot Many Robots: A great co-op robot-killing loot-gaining game. Looks good, sounds good, has a plenty of humor and the item loadouts encourage thought & synergizing.

I also played Gotham City Imposters and Asura's Wrath; GiantBomb nailed my thoughts on them pretty well in their reviews, so I won't waste precious time repeating them. They're worth your money if you enjoy humorous multiplayer FPSes or crazy awesome anime respectively: 4/5 for both. (Yes, I know you can finish Asura's Wrath in a rental period; I still bought it. Why? Because this is the type of shit I want to encourage.)

So, which games would I keep playing? Well, I'd like to finish Shoot Many Robots when I have more time, and Gotham City Imposters is still entertaining. Unfortunately, taxes come first, especially with April 15th so close. Expect my reviews for the Steam indie games released this week to be late; other things take higher priority, like making sure I don't have to talk to IRS agents. If you don't want to wait for my reviews to go up to learn what I think about them, be sure to Follow me; I'll be posting my thoughts on them in my Activity Feed.