Nightwing anticipation and the potential future DLC of Arkham

Oh Nightwing, you illusive bastard...

...all the work long day I was excited to get home and spend some quality time with you. Getting home I scowered the PSN only to find disappointment as I was unable to find you :/ such is life. I'm based in the UK so i'm not sure when to expect Nightwing to pop on the PSN. Having had copious amounts of time to consider the game as a whole it got me thinking on the potential future DLC for Arkham City.

Obviously a popular choice would be to have story driven content - perhaps a small story mode for Nightwing where he battles one of the member's of the rogue gallery of Gotham City. I think this would be a good idea, as it would offer something other then the main capade crusader himself - now don't get me wrong. I like Batman as much as the next fan. It'd just offer a fresh insight to have a story based around say Nightwing or Robin. And when I say a story I don't mean like what we got with Catwoman. Sure the catwoman levels were fun enough...they didn't exactly set my world on fire by any means, but they offered a change of pace and a new character to play with.

But i'd like to think that if we were to receive a new story element via DLC, that it would be a much meatier story which doesn't just feel like challenge rooms with cutscenes.

Another idea (Which might have to be reserved for a future title - if one gets made) would be to offer multiplayer story. Imagine if you will a Batman / Robin or Batman / Nightwing team up that would see either pair join forces and take to the streets of Gotham. Predator mode with two people would offer some interesting scenarios. One man hiding in the shadows, the other cordinating distractions. Both scaring the hell out of thugs all over the map. Perhaps even two entry points with inter-connecting locations that would then branch off again. I certainly like the sound of such a possibility and i'm sure i'm not the only one...and yes of course you could always have a Robin / Nightwing team up if that takes your fancy.

Any other ideas for potential DLC that you'd like to see in the future. What ideas rock your bat boats?

Let me know while I continue to wait for Richard Grayson to show his face on the PSN.