Pile of Shame.

We all have them. Games that we were so stocked to buy but ultimately never played or played too little to count as actually playing the game. They fill our cabinets, closets and now our digital library. So here's my question, what's the top five games that you have currently in your possession that you haven't played yet and what is the current location of said game? I'll start.

1. Saints Row the Third

Something weird happened when I hit post and the other games and artwork I chose are not showing. So I'll just list the rest out and tell where they are in proximity to me completing them

1. Saints Row the Third. Currently on both my PS3 and PC HDD. Have no idea why I didn't fire that game up already.

2. Limbo. Currently on both my PS3 and PC HDD. The game is short, should be beaten in one sitting from what I hear and a masterpiece.

3. Braid. Currently on my PS3 and PC HDD. Sensing a trend? It ends with this game. A friend of mine recently came over to my house and played it for a while. The game looked like a lot of fun. Not surprising considering the level of critical acclaim it got.

4. Batman AC. I loved the first game. It is one of the few games I got a Platinum trophy in. Love the combat, love the characters, love the look, love everything about the first game. Currently, the second game, which I heard was even better than the first, is sitting in my cabinet still wrapped in the cellophane wrapper.

5. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. A lot of what I said about Batman can apply to this game except for the fact that the game is currently located in the cloud waiting for me to play it. I will have to before I play AC3 right?